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Friday, 12 November 2021



Jebba is a Nupe word from “je” meaning flow and “Ba” here-gives the meaning “water is flowing here.” It is a city divided between two states; Kwara and Niger state. It was briefly the first capital of the British protectorate of Northern Nigeria. Northern jebba is regarded as the historical and ancient jebba. But the city is hardly regarded as a popular tourist destination in Nigeria. The majority of people in the city are Nupes and very friendly. 

“Juju” is a word for Voodoo in Nigeria. Juju rock is a massive granite island-hill formation in the River Niger off Jebba. It’s situated in the island and people often refer to as the Ancient Jebba. It is known also in history as “Kucha” by their tribe (Nupe), it has been in existent more than years you could think of; the Jebba settlers all came down to meet it there. In those days the rock serves many purposes to their forefathers such as:

1. A place for hunting

2. Fishing and mining

3. For security purpose; during the civil war and the slave trade the rock also serves as a hideout to the people of the community. 

In those days, their forefathers worship it annually. People worship it and before they come down to the rock there is going to be a community meeting held by the “Etuepa” of the community then, they will schedule a date for the worshipping. Indigene and outsider also came down to the rock to worship depending on their belief, problem, some come there for money, illness, children, it depends. Before you can visit the rock you will have to take permission from the village head then they will take you to the house concerned i.e the house in-charge of the rock the “Igara” house. For the sacrifice it depends on the gravity of your problem, some brings cow, fowl, goat, depending on what you want. According to their belief, if you make a prayer in Juju rock and it doesn’t work they will transfer you to tsadu, no matter the problem your prayer will be answered that is their belief and that is what is happening up till now. 

Juju rock is said to have 7 apartments and each apartment has 7 doors leading to each other. When you get to the rock, there is a small rock close to the Juju rock. This same rock formation has a look alike just not too far from the same river bank. The Locals regards this as the wife of the Juju rock. 

The rock has been a source of fear to many explorers of old whose frail water crafts had met their waterloo at foot. The ill-fated ship of Mungo Park was shipwrecked after passing the Juju rock at Jebba on October 7th 1857.

Juju rock has a welcoming sight, from the foot of the rock one could site numerous birds, wild monkeys and few bush rodents.

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