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Friday, 30 April 2021

A MINUTE SILENCE | Tasleem Abu Haneefa


A Minute Silence

For the expected rain that fails to pour,

For dreams wind of time swept under carpets,

For the whole of our lives spent saying nothing,

For words that died therein our minds

and made there their graves,they rot there.

A Minute Silence

For the dark dirges we've sang our souls,

For dreams caught disappearing into thin air,

For days pain engulfed us from seeing the

whitish portion of the sky,

For the tree that dried off having our nudes

hidden beneath her leaves.

A Minute Silence

For tears we shed silently

dodging interference of friends,

For the intelligence we threw in fire,

For the illusional blurry future that hides its

Indistinctness with a green light.

A Minute Silence

For days we couldn't buy ourselves off,

For the priest that fought for what wasn't His

and died in the middle,

For houses that halt housing our bodies,

For Lamentations no one cares to listen. 

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