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Monday, 3 August 2020


We're counting down to "SSM CREATIVE FESTIVAL" at Dhub. If you're a lover of creative ideas or love making new friends then Dhub is a place to be on Saturday, August 29 2020.

Are you a writer or performance poet? Are a spoken word artist or story teller? Come and showcases your talent at the event. Are you an Instrumentalist or can you sing? Come over to show your creativity to the world. All lovers of creativity are encouraged to attend. If you love writing, reading poems you're also welcome to join us at "SSM CREATIVE FESTIVAL"

Bring a date! Bring a friend! Come along with your family and join us at *Dhub* for a day filled with amazing and creative ideas and performance that will transport you to a new dimension as award winning and published writers, poet and artists all over the angles of Ilorin graced the event. Not only will you be left with an appetite for creativity, you're invited to be part of it. 💥

Catch us if you can, click here to  register

👉 No face mask, No entry ( if you're talking you'd lower the mask, then if you're done you'd wear it back). 

👉 No shaking with bare hands, just knuckles.

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