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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

THE GIRL I WANT TO MARRY | Lambaba the Poet

You all know when I caught sight of a THICK girl
I am like a monkey
Who after a long string of hunger
Has found a bunch of banana.

The girl I want to marry is a cute-chubby girl
Sometimes I wonder how many days;
It takes God to create a perfect creature like her
She’s God special creation.

You all know I am scared of heights
But when I caught sight of a tree not too tall
I am a monkey upon the iroko tree.

The girl I want to marry is a petite girl
Not too tall and not too short
She alone interest me.

Have you seen beauty before?
As sweet as the burning sun
As bright as the glory of the rainbow.

The girl I want to marry
Is the perfect definition for beauty
Beautiful! Sexy! Gorgeous! Hot!

Have you ever met someone?
Whose smile could make flower grow?
Her smile is the unseen cupid arrow
Making thousands of flowers grow.

When my soul was thirsty for a smile
And my spirit was too heavy to fly
When I was devoid of color and style
She came and lifted my soul with her smile.

Her smile is killer bean—
An emission breathe that
Barbiturates the heart
And revive the weary to life. 

Her smile makes my dream hint the sky
Her smile makes me happy; and brings me joy
I feel endangered and precious by her beautiful smile
Am addicted to it.

Her sparkling eyes
Has sparkled my heart
And it radiates in love
Her eyes are enchanting
If her love is blind, I just don’t want to see.

When people ask about my writings
I tell them she’s the fuel of its fire
She’s the girl I want to marry
For our heart is heavenly connected.

© Abdulshakur Abiodun Ambali


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