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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Poem: TO HER

A strong man's head is full of scars,
Pains of isolation from love,
Distress of regret for attempting,
Attempting to walk into the love-zone.

To her
Who arrived unannounced
With no fault but flaws,
Confidently walked into my lost heart
And found me a world of bliss. 

To the one who lifted me from the rope of rejection
Taking the worries of deceit from the past,
I know no one is perfect
And never asked for that.
But your flaws are so perfect.

Criticism from adversary
But you never took their words
You who accepted my imperfections
And showered me with affection. 

Love has its ups and downs
I'm never sad for more than a minute
 The thought of having you in my life 
Always brings a big smile on my face.  

Alarape Àdùnní Adé mi!
Òréke l'ẹ́wà, adúmáradán
Ọmọ bóò jẹ́ ìyàwó mi, wàá sì jẹ́ àlè mi
Ìfẹ́ ayérayé ni ko bá mi lò lọ.

To her who has made my life worthy of living,
You are the miracle in my life.



  1. I hope it's not real, most poet(s) do not call in love. Fiction I guess.
    Anyways, keep it up my boy.

  2. Fanciful, Romantic and sentimental


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