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Sunday, 28 June 2020

BACHELOR | Lambaba the Poet

We are the sun people

We believe we come from the sun

We avoid darkness like the plague

And believe darkness is a soul’s eraser!


What is the use of imploring whilst the sky is dark?

What is the use of wanting

When those in it want a break

We the bachelor are always criticized.


You only know us by what you see

You're so distracted by our outer appearance

That you cannot see us

You cannot believe what is seen by the naked eyes to be true

We cannot afford to be deceived.


Tell me, why do I have to keep a cow?

When I can get the fresh milk I need from Habiba

Why do I have to take my relative to Papa Chioma House?

Before I can ride Chioma the way I want

When me and her daughter has turned my bed to the battle field.


There is a contest bachelors do—

The one with the highest number of …..

Is crown the lady’s king.


Today we have become so wise

And we are proud achievers

Who have explored the world from every angle

And we would speak by our actions

And would prefer to reason with their flesh.


Mom do call me a stingy man,

Just because am yet to introduce a girl to her

Fall in love, she said

And things will change.


An enemy in my heart I call a lover

Marriage is really strange

I’ll buy the love I want

No squally brats for me

Am still young, let me enjoy my life

Before I commit myself into a life contract.


Marriage life

Dark ominous cloud

I bemoan aloud



Fierce I battled

All debts settled


Lesson learned

Bachelors better beware

Escape the snare!




© Abdulshakur Abiodun Ambali


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