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Monday, 30 March 2020

Dearest Ex | Karatu

I woke up this shinning morning
Searching for my pen
To depict my horror thought,
Experienced while traveling to Uyo.

I'm penning this with sadness of the highest order
I have been raining water drizzling through my cheek
The cloud is enough for birds to fly without touching each other

Nothing last forever
I'm not perfect and I can't fake perfection
A leaf will not drop from a tree without the creator's consent
Definitely you're not mine.

Despite my adoration of your imbecility
Out you came cretin
Being asshole doesn't accommodate you
Dip shit safe journey.

...What evidence will I give to clarify my act?...

The gentle waves, a lovely song
Whispering peace, peace, peace
it goes on and on, for ever long,
The inside of my heart is now at ease.

© Shuaib Abdulrahman karatu.

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