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Friday, 19 April 2019


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Days of endless struggle,
Striving hard to earn something,
Working hard; like there is no tomorrow,
Nìnù òrùn àti ń gbà òjò.

I felt that every person is better than me,
Confused mind, cluttered thinking,
Àbi ìrù àyie wó ré!!!
I plan giving up to the ghost.

I told my friends to introduce me to their source of income,
Wôni kìn yé dull àràmi,
For me to be a man, I must sacrifice a man,
Haa!!!!! Ìrù àyie wó ré!!!
Bobo wise up; ògùn owó is the way.

Ògùn owó!!!
Why will I not do it?
When my friends are making it already,
Driving expensive cars……living luxurious lives.

Yet we grew up in the same dwelling,
Ìrù orì wó mómù wà?
Why is my own different?
Hmm!!! Kadara le yi abi Ayanmo?

I voiced out; guide me through, am ready.
……we seek the Babalawo,
Where we make different expletive of no going back,
Or exposing each other secret.

Now have made an oath,
Of no going back
The only way is to sacrifice my mother
Either I run mad or use her.

Haa!!! Iyami!!!
The only one who carry me for nine month,
And breast feed me for good two years,
The only one who stand by my side through my though time.

She’s now needed to be sacrifice,
Confused mind….Cluttered thinking,
No choice than to kill mama for wealth and fame,
Have made an oath.

You killed mama for wealth and fame,
Now your evil work’s has boomerangs,
You become mentally unstable,
Looking tattered on the street in designer rag.

Now what is your gain? After you killed her,
The woman you claimed you love so much,
Now your friends are the one spending your blood money
Adieu to your blood money!!!!

NB: there’s a Yoruba adage which say “mawo ago alago sare”. This adage has a lot of hidden meaning related to it; a lot of people life has ruined just because they can't wait for their time. A lot of people life has being ruined by the people they call friends. You don’t have to look at other people achievement but instead make yours. You don’t have to do dirty works before you can make it in life. You don’t have to sell your soul to the devil before you build your dream house, you don’t have to sell your pant for the love of IPhone x, tell me what will be your price when IPhone Z get launched? You don’t have to kill mama, just because you want to ride to Quilox with the girls, you don’t have to kill papa just because you want to be famous. It is never possible for you to seek the help of the devil and go scot free; it will surely request for something important which will later boomeranged. But instead work hard and pray, God never leave our prayer unanswered.

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