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Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Tenant

THE TENANT (Fugitive )
Written by Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo
Copy right: 2018/2019
This project is fiction and any resemblance to anyone (whether dead or living), situations, events and venues is purely coincidental. It is a work from pure inspiration and perspiration therefore do NOT copy this without my prior knowledge.
The tenant is basically a story aimed at curbing a very common social ill in our society, RAPE which both male and female can of course be a VICTIM.
Vanessa resolved to leaving home following the death of her mum, she had also been a victim of rape from her step-brother, Francis. In the course of trying to run from Francis she ran into another Francis who appears to be cool but can she trust him considering they bear the same name?….
She is now a tenant in the old Prof’s house who is a widower but how would she handle the riff between her and the neighbors was she actually sick in the head like they said-
Niks has been the best part of her life but a waging war is just in sight when they seem to love the same guy- would they end quite well?…
She doesn’t want to admit that GOD loves her or does HE really do?
Sharon went through a lot than one could comprehend at such a tender age, would she overcome this considering she just surrendered her life to Christ?- but this God is demanding something she is not ready to give, FORGIVENESS.
All these questions will be answered in the story…
RAPE is a bad act which a victim might never heal from the effects- psychologically, physically and spiritually. Rape in male is an arguable case but it happens.
A research shows that six out of every female child is a victim of sexual assault and five out of them have been raped… it also shows that three out of every male child is a victim of sexual assault and one is a victim of rape.
But…can we blame the rapist all the time because there is a saying that ‘HOT people HURT people’.

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