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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode22 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” But it seem they heard the Chief Statement right, Obinna on the other hand gave out a happy smile, he was very happy for their guiltless housemaid Nnena.
Mrs. Chioma angrily left the dinning; she was so irritated at the last statement of Chief Nnamdi, she doesn’t care if the Chief mean the statement or not.
“Dad!” Chinendu exclaimed with a sad expression
“Son!” Chief Nnamdi said as he looks straight into Chinendu eyes.
Chiamaka and Chinendu also angrily left their meal in the dining, they loathly head for their respective bedrooms, they were so angry and fury of ire, their hatred for Nnena was now growing like a stubborn grass.
Nnena on the other hand has forgotten all the maltreatment Mrs. Chioma and her crew do gave to her, she has even forgotten how they use to gave her the beating of her life, she has forgotten her savior in the house “Collins”, all she saw on her body was marks of wipes and wound from hot iron and water but she has forgotten how they got there.
Nnena swiftly run to the kitchen, she brought her food to the dinning, she feel honored to eat with the Chief and Obinna on the same table.
Mrs. Chioma came back from a party around 4:30pm on that very beautiful day, she heard Chief Nnamdi and Nnena chatting and laughing inside the sitting room, she decided to spy and listen to a little about their conversation from outside where she was staying, she heard the chief saying thus;
“I will like to free you from this slavery, I should have let you go and start your own business but I fear anything might happen to you outside if I let you go, I fear my wicked wife, she has a very bad intention toward you, I can’t afford to lose you, if I am to help your condition now the only thing I can do is to announce you as my daughter to the whole occupant of this house and I promise I will announce you as my daughter tomorrow morning.” Chief Nnamdi said extremely happy, he thought that is the only way to help the poor orphan worsen condition.
Mrs. Chioma almost fall down from where she leap to peep to hear their conversation, she couldn’t believe her hear, she try to play a music from her phone through her earphone so as to confirmed that her hears are working fine and properly but it seem she heard the Chief right and nothing was wrong with her hears.
She reluctantly barged into the sitting room, but she didn’t greet the Chief, Nnena try to greet her but she turn deaf hears to her greeting. She run to her room upstairs, she angrily tosses her bag which she was handling against the wall. She laid down flat on the bed, she was totally befuddled, baffled, bemused and confounded about she heard earlier, she was confused and totally at sea. Many ungodly thoughts ran into her mind but she thought thus;
“I am a mother and no more a lovely wife I use to be to my husband, Chief Nnamdi behaviors this days are rare and strange, I can’t believe I heard him right, he was trying to made Nnena his daughter over my dead body, I am living in this house not because of my husband but because of my children, if he succeed in making Nnena his daughter, I bet he will willed many of his property to Nnena, he is a no-nonsense man, he loves Nnena dearly like his own daughter, I think I have to find a way not to let this happen, beside am no more a wife here but a mother of my children, my staying here is for the chief to quickly die and my children should be able to posses is properties, if I made him to die on time does it have any fault or blemish?
To be continues

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