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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode19 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“I wish you could just die and leave my family forever.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts as she broke down to shed a crocodile tear.
The gateman swiftly open the gate when he heard the car horn, he was so worried about the entire family of Chief Nnamdi who are in commotion and uproar, though, he did not know anything about what is happening the house early, but he was so eager to know, he fear any member of the family might be in danger, many thoughts ran across his mind, but he couldn’t fathom the exact cause of the whole family who are in kerfuffle.
Mrs. Chioma drove crazily into the compound as she wheeled the car steering longitudinal to the car garage, Obinna was very sad and concerned, he was so frighten his father and their innocent maid Nnena who are in comas may end up been a ghosts. “Nnena injuries was very bad and frighten, her guiltless life is supported with the life machine, she is in coma and she very unconscious, I pray she survive the trauma she was going through.” Obinna thoughts as he reluctantly head for the sitting room with his eyes socked with tears.
“Ma, hope all is well? I can see that the entire family was totally disturbed and disrupted.” The gateman noted as he approached Mrs. Chioma.
“All is well, just that the Chief Cousin had an accident and he is in coma, we just came back from the hospital, I pray he was able to survive the injuries.” Mrs. Chioma lies as she broke down to shed crocodile tears.
“Acci..dent!! Where did that happen? How can that happen?” The gateman asked in disbelieved.
“That is how we see it o.” Mrs. Chioma retorted as she was trying to get back on her feet.
“God, hope it is not Bro. Richard?” The gateman asked with a very cool voice
“No it is another Cousin of the Chief’s, he his named Chinwendu.” Mrs. Chioma reframed.
“I don’t know any Chinwendu o.” The gateman replied suspiciously.
“You can’t know him he just came back from abroad. Just forget that.” Mrs. Chioma paused.
“The Chief sent me to you before he left this house this morning. Am coming” Mrs. Chioma enunciated as she was trying to make her way to the building.
Mrs. Chioma came out with a brown envelope, she handed the brown envelope to the gateman.
“What is this for?” The gateman asked with some kind of husky voice.
“Before the Chief left home this morning, he told me that the entire family will be vacating this house, we will be leaving for the United State of America and that is where we will be living as from next week, he told me to give you this Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) for you to start a new life afresh, he assigned me to make you vacate your cubicle within the next twenty four hours (a day).” Mrs. Chioma narrates with so kind of seriousness expression showing on her face.
“Hmmmm, you mean the Chief gave me this huge amount of money.” The gateman expressed surprisingly.
“Yes, so spend the money wisely, this small amount of money can pave way for you to be wealthy.” Mrs. Chioma appended as she wanted to head for the building.
“Wait o, madam, Where is the Chief now?” The gateman asked astonished.
Mrs. Chioma was shocked by gateman shocking question, she doesn’t expect such question from him, many lies quickly started formulating in her head, she was busy scanning for the best lie to answer the gateman frighten question.
“He is at the embassy; he went to process our documents for the trip and our unexpired passport.” Mrs. Chioma lied as she fake a smile.
“Embassy? That is good news…” The gateman uttered suspiciously at the same time paused.
The gateman continues with his statement. “Ma, What about Nnena?” The gateman asked with an alarming tone.
“Collin (the gateman name) you are to nosey, anyway, she has went to their village and she has also been given the same amount of money to start her life afresh.” Mrs. Chioma narrates lying.
“Okay, I will park my loads out of that cubicle with immediate effect.” The gateman responded as he steadily head for his cubicle.
“That is nice, when you are going let me know.” Mrs. Chioma appended as she walk out from the scene.
Mrs. Chioma was sitting at the dinning, she handed a newspaper, she wore her recommended glasses on her eye just then Collins barged into the sitting room.
“Ma, am ready to leave.” Collins uttered respectfully.
“Okay safe journey, I will miss you.” Mrs. Chioma replied happily as she stands on her feet to walk him out.
Collins close the gate behind him, Mrs. Chioma brought out her phone as she makes a call.
“Trail him to some miles away from here, don’t kill him near here, you must make sure he is dead.” Mrs. Chioma drop the call as she reluctantly head for the sitting room.
The gateman stop a bike outside the building, the bikeman and Collins (the gateman) negotiate on the price after they agreed on a certain amount, Collins mount on the bike as the bikeman speed off. A car started trailing the bike with Collins chartered, after driving some kilometers away from the building, the car double cross the bike, some gunmen came down from the sport car, the bikeman steadily press the leg brake wholly as he also heel the hand brake firmly to avoid crushing the well tinted car.
Gboom! Gboom!! The gunmen release some bullets on the bikeman and Collins. The bikeman and Collins drop dead instantly as the gunmen quickly collected the money Mrs. Chioma gave to Collins, as they reluctantly barged into the sport car, the car gradually vanished from been seen as a result of the high agility and speed of the car.

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