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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode18 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

Ye…ye, help me, please, somebody help me, ah-ha-ha-ah-ye-ye. Behold Mrs. Chioma was screaming in pains as a result of the beating she was receiving from Chief Nnamdi.
******** .
“You want to kill her right? You will never try any nonsense with me again in your life.” Chief Nnamdi screamed angrily as he lean on the wall to rest a little from beating Mrs. Chioma. He was very angry and irritated, he was so scorned and ever hate meeting Mrs. Chioma in first places, his eyes were fury with choler and anger, after the chief was through with the beating assignment on Mrs. Chioma, then Chief Nnamdi reluctantly barged out from the sitting room; he left Mrs. Chioma groaning in pains, he doesn’t even cares about their old ages and health’s, as he hurried to the car garage where he laid Nnena inside the car, Nnena was now in coma, her breathing has stopped but the chief could feel her pulse and that gave him the last grinned of hope. The Chief drives crazily out of the compound, he was speeding at the maximum agility of the car, the swiftly car lost its control (brake) as a result of over speeding just then he crushed on a moving trailer, Chief Nnamdi’s car stumble into a river. Some of the people who witness that scene opts for their cameras to video the incidents while the caring people head to the bank of the river. People who can swim and some fishermen steadily jumped into the river to rescue the accidents victim.
“Hello am I speaking with Mrs. Chioma?” a strange voiced called and asked with the Chief number.
“Yes, what can I do for you? But beside this is my husband number, hope all is well?” Mrs. Chioma replied and asked suspiciously and impatiently.
“Your husband was involved in a gazed motor accident; he has been admitted to Pearls Hospital with a young girl.” The stranger uttered as he dropped the call.
“Hello! Hello!!” Mrs. Chioma tried to confirm if it is truly her husband but the line as already been cut off by the stranger.
Mrs. Chioma as totally baffled, she couldn’t believes her hears, she couldn’t think straight, she was shocked, speechless and dumbfounded, she pinch herself to confirmed if she was not in the dreamland but it was truly a reality, she was so disturbed and irritated.
“Chinendu! Chiamaka! Obinna!” Mrs. Chioma screamed her children names in a very alarming tone.
The children reluctantly run to the sitting room from their respective bedroom, they were so bemused at their mother shocking screaming, they were all confused and disturbed.
“I.. re.ceive a.a call now from an unknown caller now, the ca…ller told m.e that you..r father… had an..….nt and he has be..en admitted to Pe…arls Hosp..ital.” Mrs. Chioma narrates stammering.
The Children couldn’t believes their hears, they was like “How will that happen?” they are so baffled, befuddled, confounded and bewildered.
“Mummy can you please stop this expensive joke of yours.” Chinendu said with some kind of husky voice.
“You better follow me to the car.” Mrs. Chioma commanded the children as she was trying to stress those words.
Mrs. Chioma was ushered into the ward where the Chief was admitted, she saw that the chief was not badly injured, he was only plastered on his head and bandaged at his hand. She pitied for her unconscious husband.
“Can I see the other girl?” Mrs. Chioma asked one of the Nurses who are incharge of conveying the family, friends and relatives of any patient who came visiting in the hospital into their different wards.
“Yes ma, she is in the Accident and Emergency Ward.” The Nurse replied as she signaled to Mrs. Chioma to follow her.
Nnena was on life machine, only her pulse could be notice, her breathing was pumped with Oxygen, all her body has been plastered and bandage, she couldn’t notice anything, she was totally unconscious.
“Why is she like this?” Mrs. Chioma asked with a sad but fake expression.
“She was unconscious when the accident happened and I doubt if she could survive this.” The conveying nurse replied Mrs. Chioma caring but fake question.
“I wish you could just die and leave my family forever.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts as she broke down to shed a crocodile tear.
To be continues

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