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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode14 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

Mrs. Chioma and Nnena came down from a Murano Jeep 2017 Model, Mrs. Chioma was looking elegant as usual, and they were ushered in by a nurse. The doctor was glad to see Mrs. Chioma; he knew his account figure (money) has triple-fold on sighting Mrs. Chioma and Nnena.
“Please give us some privacy.” The doctor beseeched as Mrs. Chioma leaved for the reception.
“Now lie down!” The doctor commanded.
“To do what?” Nnena asked suspiciously.
“To abort your unwanted pregnancy!” The doctor echoed.
“Hmmmm……… yo….u m…..ean I…I. a….m pr……..nant?” Nnena asked stammering.
“That is according to the result and not according to me.” The doctor replied.
Nnena weep silently, she knew Chinendu was the one that raped and ravished her and he is definitely responsible for the pregnancy. Providence has warned her mother not to allow her abort any pregnancy; her mother has told her not to ever abort pregnancy. Her mother always warned her not to abort pregnancy even after she departed from her to remains a ghost. She wept bitterly. The doctor pitied her but he couldn’t help, money is involved and money is regarded to as everything by the riches.
“You have to abort this, this is an unwanted pregnancy, and this will bring disgrace to you and Chief Nnamdi’s family at large.” The doctor said pitifully.
“It’s better for me to live a disgraceful life that to disobey my parent and God warning. Doctor, I can’t abort this pregnancy, though it’s an unwanted pregnancy but I still couldn’t abort it. My mother had severally warned me not to abort any pregnancy, she even warned me in my dreams despite the fact that she has departed from me to remains a ghost and she has warned me that if I abort any pregnancy or disobey her warnings it will lead to my demise (death). Am afraid of dying at this tender age of mine, though I may be living in hell but I know God does everything he does with its reasons, I know one day God will send my savior to me.” Nnena narrates with a very serene tone.
“If you don’t do this, does that guarantee you will live? Mrs. Chioma will only kill you but I think she has her reason to let you live even when she knew you were pregnant.” The doctor readdressed.
Nnena was shocked; she knew her life is now totally at stake. “Why am I brothel to suffer?” she thoughts.
Nnena thought for some minutes, she was mute with some silent tears dropping from her eyes, the doctor just keep staring at her, he pitied the innocent girl.
“Who impregnate you?” The doctor asked concerned.
“Chinendu, madam (Mrs. Chioma) first son raped me and that unwanted s-x leads to this unwanted pregnancy.” Nnena replied as she paves way for more tears.
“Now I understand why Mrs. Chioma doesn’t react wide when I told her that you were pregnant.” The doctor said agonized.
“Doctor, you are the only one who could help me. My mother once told me that “When there is life there is hope” Mrs. Chioma as her reason why she haven’t murder me and I know that reason must be brothel to her. Doctor, just help me to tell her that the abortion was successful, I will face the wrath myself.” Nnena concluded as she broke down in tears.
“You mean… I should lie that I did a successful job for the job I never did… no o, I can’t do that.” The doctor articulate as he was trying to gathered the saliva with he has use in substitute of water.
“Please doctor, that is the only way out for me to survive, please just do this for me, doctor please.” Nnena was pleading incessantly, she drop on her kneels as she holds the doctor by his leg, she was weeping bitterly and unconsciously.
“I can’t do this, I have to do my job, am very sorry I have to do this.” The Doctor appends as he head for his boxes which contains his apparatus.
“Okay, do it, abort it but I just want you to know that if I die today, you are the one that directly killed me and that means Mrs. Chioma indirectly killed me and I am promising you that my spirit won’t forgive you, just do it at least I will meet my beloved parent.” Nnena enunciated as she lies down flat on the abortion bed.
The doctor was bemused, baffled and he was totally at sea, he truly pitied for Nnena, but his love for money made him blind to see that other people are in agony and emotional pains. The doctor was shocked by Nnena’s shocking statement, his jaw drops and his eyes were swollen with tears when he imagine the emotional pains, trauma and grieves Nnena must be going through. He thought for a while as he later replied Nnena shocking comment.
“I have agreed to help you, but hope it won’t backfire on me? Mrs. Chioma is very wicked, hope she won’t kill me and ruin my family joy? I am risking my life to safe your guiltless life hope I won’t regret this?” The doctor asked completely baffled.
“I will face the wrath myself, my only hope is the chief and he will be back in two months time, when he is back all this matter will be shoved.” Nnena uttered courageously.
“Okay let me go and announce the good but fake news to your boss (Mrs. Chioma).” The doctor retort as he signaled Nnena to follow him.
“Thank you doctor, here is your payment.” Mrs. Chioma appreciated as she handed a check of Five Hundred Thousand Naira to the doctor.
“You welcome ma and also it is my pleasure to serve your needs medically as your family doctor.” The doctor said as he fake a smile.
“Okay doctor, we will be on our way now.” Mrs. Chioma rejoinder she reluctantly barged into the car.
“Goodbye madam.” The doctor said as Mrs. Chioma zoom out of the hospital.
Life is such a mystery! I was guilty for coming to this wicked world, why must I came to this world in first places, a world full of sorrow but no happiness, a world full of corruption but no honesty, a world full of ignorance but no loyalty, a world full of all such of murderous act but no fear of God the creator.
I have to survive, I have to live, I have to obey my ghost parent wishes, I have to revenge my parent mystery death but keeping this unwanted pregnancy, will it be the solution?????????????????
(Light out)

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