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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode13B |by Olamilekan Afolabi

The doctor zoom his car into the compound, Chief Nnamdi has also left for his trip to Abuja. The doctor walked majestically into the building with a brown box which contains his apparatus or instrument. After examining Nnena for some minutes, he concluded that;
“Madam, She is……………………………..” The doctor was interrupted by Mrs. Chioma.
“Doctor, let us have some private chat.” Mrs. Chioma said as she dragged the Doctor to the guest room.
“Ehnehn Doctor, what is your result from the test you carried out on her?” Mrs. Chioma asked suspiciously.
“She is four weeks pregnant.” The doctor replied.
Mrs. Chioma was panic, she knew her son Chinendu was responsible for the pregnancy, she wish the land could just open up to swallow, she recalled that the gateman has the evidence that Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, and the gateman refuse to die also he refuse to delete the short video, she fear her fate in Chief Nnamdi house, “if the man (Chief Nnamdi) found out that his son is responsible for their maid pregnancy, hmmmmm. I rest my case.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts in disbelieves. Many ungodly and wicked thoughts ran into her mind.
“Ma, let me go and break the news to that girl and guide her on how she should be doing in this her new condition.” The doctor said as he was ready to head for the sitting room.
“Doctor wait please, don’t break the new to her, she must not know about this but as times goes on,… wait o, doctor please can you just help me to abort that pregnancy?” Mrs. Chioma requested as she look in another direction because she was very ashamed of herself.
“I can’t do that o ma, am not a quack doctor, am a medical and trained doctor and don’t ever try to tell me this kind of rubbish again.” The doctor uttered as he angrily barged the door behind him.
“Please, doctor I will pay you Five Hundred Thousand Naira if you can do this for me.” Mrs. Chioma echoed as she run after the doctor.
The doctor was dragged back by the sum of money he heard.
“You mean Five Hundred Thousand Naira.” The doctor asked with disbelieved.
“Yes, Five Hundred Thousand Naira.” Mrs. Chioma replied with approval.
“Okay ma, am ready to do it, bring her to the hospital tomorrow.” The doctor replied in a wheezing tone.
Thanks for all your supports and contributions you have been given to me since I started updating this junk but interesting story. You have never made me sick of posting this tragedy story. Don’t forget before I started this story I already told you to buy your handkerchiefs, I know some of you must have bought up to five now. LOL .
Well, rate this junk work of mine with percentages 0%-100% lemme know my true fans and readers.
What do you think will happen next?
Your opinions are highly welcomed
(Light out)

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