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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode12 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

The gateman, Chinendu and Nnena are the only one at home, Chief Nnamdi went to his office. Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Obinna went out for shopping.
Chinendu have been thinking of a way to rape Nnena from the first day he sight her. “This is my chance to ravish this girl.” He thought. Nnena was in her room, she was sleeping just then Chinendu banged into Nnena’s room, the gateman went into the main building, he want to drink water and that is all his aim, just then he heard the voice of Nnena screaming for help, he reluctantly run upstairs to rescue the innocent girl, he bangs at the door but he was surprised to see Nnena been raped by Chinnedu, Chinendu wasn’t aware that the gateman has made his way into the room, the gateman thought for a while then he arrives at an idea that force into his mind. He brought out his mobile phone, he quickly video little out of the scene between Nnena and Chinnedu, he save the recorded video then he keep his phone inside his pocket, he rush to the bed as he landed some blows on Chinendu’s cheeks, Chinendu groaned in pain, they were exchanging blows when they heard a horn from a car. The gateman rush outside to open the gate for the car. Behold it was Mrs. Chioma with her children who are just coming back from shopping.
“Why are you late to open the gate for me?” Mrs. Chioma asked as she landed a thunderous slap on the gateman cheeks.
“Ma………” the gateman try to defense.
“And beside why are you sweating like this?” Mrs. Chioma asked suspiciously.
“Mum.. I want to go and see a friend of mine down the street; I will be back in a jiffy.” Obinna asked for permission as he run to the gate.
“Okay, don’t stay long.” Mrs. Chioma approved.
“Let go inside and you (pointing to the gateman) park those goods in the boot inside.” Mrs. Chioma commanded.
Mrs. Chioma enter the sitting room, she sight Nnena crying.
“What’s wrong with you?” Mrs. Chioma asked with an angry face.
“Brother Chinendu raped me.” She replied with a shaky voice.
“So what is the problem about that?” Mrs. Chioma asked surprisingly.
“Ma…………?” Nnena was speechless.
“Now before I open my eyes, go and shower and change your cloth. Idiot.” Mrs. Chioma barked nosily.
Nnena quickly vanished from the sitting room and opt for the bathroom.
“Chinendu! Chinendu!!” Mrs. Chioma yelled.
“Mum, you are back.” Chinendu welcome his mother.
“Why did you rape that dirty girl?” Mrs. Chioma asked totally baffled.
“Mum, you mean Nnena. Am sorry for that, what really happen is that I took a herbs when I went to a friend house early this morning, but on getting home, I was totally aroused, I try to call my girlfriend but her number is not going through, so I just decided to test the work of the herb on Nnena, since she is no more a small girl.” Chinendu said inhumane.
“Well, you are not at fault, just go and shower we are going to a party in two hours time.” Mrs. Chioma concluded.
“Mum, I must punish that girl, can you believe she is still a virgin at seventeen years, she gave me a hard time before I was able to enter her, I promise she will pay for that.” Chinendu uttered angrily.
Just then the gateman enter the sitting room with some bags containing different items like wines, cloths, fruits and some beverages.
“Mum, can you believe this dirty looking idiot fight me because of Nnena.” Chinendu said irritated.
“You mean you two engage in a fight?” Mrs. Chioma asked in disbelieved.
“Yes ma, we engage in fight, he rape an innocent girl and that made me to………………….” The gateman uttered courageously.
Shut up, before I open my eye, go and park your belonging out of that cubicle and leave this house instantly. You are fired!” Mrs. Chioma counter-blasted angrily.
“I will go but I just want you to know that I have my evidence on this (pointing to his phone) that Chinendu raped Nnena, and I am going to Chief’s office straightaway.
Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were all shocked, they couldn’t believe their ear, they were speechless.
“Wait, please don’t go, I will double your salary if you can help me to bury this.” Mrs. Chioma said beseeching.
What do you think will happen next?
Your opinions are highly welcomed
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