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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode8 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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The Rude boys couldn’t carry out the act of taking my life at the moment, so they waited till midnight. All ignored me lying on their beds. There was no available bed for me, though i never wanted to sleep coz my life was at stake. I leaned on the wall, folded my arms in a way my muscles increased. One could see a tattoo i engraved on one of my arms with a metal. It was totally a triangle and i was the only one who knew what it meant. Just as i battled with sleep and mosquitoes, the four boys came down from their beds facing me. I knew it was time to die or survive, so i said, “I know am gonna die but before i go down, one of you must go down with me. And you know what, even if i kill all of you, i gat nothing to lose coz I’m serving life imprisonment. But as for you, if they discover that you killed me, more years will be added to your years here”
“Sorry, dude, we are also serving life imprisonment, so nobody gonna lose here rather we gain after seeing you dead” one of them said bringing out a knife. Another brought out an iron rod ready to strike, then my heart went down to my stomach. Though i was ready to die but at the same time afraid to die becoz i had not taken a revenge on those who set me up. I unfolded my arms, squeezed my palms and stretched one of my legs in a way i gained balanced on the floor. “Let’s do this” i said.
All wanted to attack me at once but the one holding an iron rod said, “Leave him for me” He stepped out and the fight began. As we fought that night, so as Mary kept seeing me in her dream same night. I finally killed the guy using the same rod he wanted to kill me with. But before then, he had wounded me severally. I positioned the rod again ready for the next person. Splash of blood could be seen on the wall and on the floor especially in front of me where the dead guy was lying. Also, my whole body soaked with blood. The remaining three men became surprise after seeing me kill their man and all attacked me at once..
The following morning, prisoners began to make noise as usual in their various cells. Sir, Joseph arrived at cell 99 with other warders. He couldn’t believe his eyes: he saw three men lying dead on the floor while i stood close to the wall bleeding furiously with one of my eyes swollen up. He also saw the remaining guy sitting on the bed bleeding too. Obviously, he got scared during the fight and after seeing his colleagues dead, he retreated. Moreover, i didn’t have strength to fight him again that night. So i stared at sir Joseph to know his next action.
“Handcuff and chain him” he commanded. The warders handcuffed me, chained my legs in a way i could still walk then pushed me out. I stood before sir Joseph and said with the last strength in me, “I must figure out who u are working with, and when i do, am gonna put a bullet into his head and yours too. Trust me” i spat out blood before him and staggered out led by the warders. As we walked through the passage, prisoners began to hail my name in a funny way, “Brightto! Brightto! Brightto!” My name spread throughout the prison both up and down stairs. I never had the mind to take another person’s life but i found myself killing three huge men within few hours. That was my first murder. I passed my cell, cell 56 to see Leo and Henry staring at me but suddenly began to smile victoriously. As i walked with the warders, so as the dead body of the three Rude boys were carried following us from behind. I was detained in a private room without food or water, even a treatment.
Mary drove straight to Cynthia’s residence with the drawing. Cynthia had parents, Mr and Mrs Nelson who were in the sitting room when Mary entered. She greeted them and headed to Cynthia’s room. She saw her lying on the bed wearing a bomshort and a top.
“Hey baby girl” Cynthia sat up. She flung the drawing from Mary’s hand. “What’s this?” she opened it.
“That’s who I’m talking about” Mary sat down beside her.
“You mean the man u see in your dreams?” Cynthia asked.
“Babe, this seems serious oh”
“Very serious” Mary began. “I saw him last night too. My problem is that i don’t know where to look for him or see him”
“See him?” Cynthia repeated looking at her. “Why do you wonna see him?”
“To know him of course! Listen, there is no emotional feelings attach for him. I’m just worried why i keep seeing him in my dreams!” Mary replied.
“Wait oh” Cynthia dropped the drawing. “Tell me about this dream of yours” she requested.
“I can’t tell. I see him as if
we’ve known each other for a long time. Furthermore, he keeps saving me from danger. How i wish i know who he is”
“Why don’t you ask your father?”
“My Dad?”
“Yes, maybe he would have an idea who this person is”
“Okay” Mary took the drawing. Before she went back home, her father, sir Joseph was already there..

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