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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode7 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Mary drew my exact image. The beards on my jaw, my narrowed eyes and hairstyle were seen on it. She gaze at the image trying to know whether she had seen me somewhere but all to no avail. Therefore she folded the sheet, kept it aside and went back to bed.
The following day in the prison, sir Joseph was seen walking into his office with a cell phone on his ear.
“..i give you my words, sir. Give me more time and he will be taken care of… Just 24 hours.. Thank you sir” he cut the call sitting quietly in his office. The military uniform never departed from his body. He placed a hand on his jaw thinking critically on how to kill me. It would have been illegal and also a crime for him to kill me by himself. That was why he went secretly through the Rude boys to terminate my life but unfortunately it wasn’t easy. He summoned Tom, one of the prominent wardens who was incharge of all the cells and also the number of prisoners in each one. Tom arrived in his office with also a military uniform. He had a fair complexion with a mustache. He stood before sir Joseph.
“You summoned me, sir”
“Yes, i did” sir Joseph Leaned forward. “I want you to transfer the prisoner by name Bright Daniel to cell 99” he commanded.
Cell 99 was for the Rude boys who were already complete, so Tom wondered why and said, “Sir, why do you want me to do that?”
“Don’t ask me questions and do as I’ve said”
“But the cell 99 is already filled up, sir”
“I don’t care! I want Bright Daniel in that cell before night-fall, period!” sir Joseph concluded.
“Okay, sir” Tom left the office.
Inside my cell, cell 56, my cell-mates and i sat quietly on the edge of one bed. It seemed both Leo and Henry had one thing in mind from their body posture and eyes gaze.
“Bright” Henry called. “We have suffered, fought and wounded because of you. There is one thing we want from you”
I looked at them steadily having a glimps of what they wanted from me. But i asked, “What is it?”
“We want u to tell us why u are here” Henry replied.
I stood up to the opposit bed, brought out a weed, wrapped it, lit it and began to smoke perfectly. “My life turned around when my parents died” i began. “I searched for all sort of jobs to make a living and further my education but i didn’t see any. I had to drop out of school, after which i met a set of friends who introduced me to an illegal job” i paused then blew out a smoke.
“What type of job?” Leo queried.
“Killing job” i replied and continued, “We were connected with big men, politicians who would send us to kill those they regarded as their opposition or enemies..”
“You mean, you were an assassin?” Henry interrupted.
“Yes, but was still an amateur coz i didn’t have the mind to take another person’s life. I wanted to quit to save myself from coming to this type of place but it was too late. One day, a personal assignment was given to me by my two friends to kill a man on his birthday but i never knew it was a set up. I carried my gun, got to the venue of the birthday, hid inside an empty building and positioned the gun. Before i could pull the trigger, the man was shot dead and the police came out from nowhere. They arrested me, judged me and threw me inside this place. Up to now, i don’t know who killed the man”
“What about your friends?” Henry asked.
“I never saw them since then” i replied blowing out a smoke.
“What’s the man’s name”
“Kenneth Hobe”
“What about your friends’ name?”
“Bethel and Anabel”
“A boy and a girl?”
“Yes” i concluded and stood up
remembering all that. Though i knew that not only Bethel and Anabel were behind the reason why i was in prison but also another politician who i didn’t know.
“If truly your friends are the one who set u up, what could be their reasons?” Leo asked.
“I guess they thought i was gonna quit and expose them. I also think they were ordered to do so” i replied.
“By who?”
“I don’t know”
Towards evening, i never knew that sir Joe had ordered the Rude boys to finish me whenever I’m transferred into their cell. Nevertheless, as we were in our cell that evening, Tom and other two wardens with guns arrived and opened our gate.
“Get out, Bright Daniel”
“Where are u taking me to?” i asked boldly.
“To another cell”
“He’s going nowhere” Henry and Leo stood up in defence.
“Stay away” the two wardens entered inside. Henry and Leo wanted to pick up a fight with them but i prevented them. The wardens dragged me out leading me to cell 99. When we got there, i looked through the gate to see the Rude Boys smiling and waiting for me to enter. The gate opened.
“Enter!” Tom commanded.
I turned, glared into his eyes saying, “I know all this has been planned, and if i ever make it out from this cell alive, am gonna make your work here miserable. Tell sir Joe that i said so” i turned, walked inside the cell myself and it gradually closed…

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