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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode6 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Dangerous weapons weren’t allowed in the prison. So when Henry shouted, “Enough!” the man secretly hid the knife back. I was the only one who saw it.
“Who de fuck are you?!” a voice came behind Henry-that was one of the four men. He didn’t say a word rather stood firmly on the ground. The men gathered around him as if they wanted to swallow him.
“What’s your problem, bro?” one of them asked again.
“He’s my cell-mate and also…” Henry looked at me as i was struggling up. “…also my friend” he added.
“And so what?”
“And so let him go before you kill him”
“And what business is yours?”
“I just told you” Henry concluded then the four men smiled looking at other prisoners who began to shout their names, “Rude boys! Rude boys! Rude boys!” Just then, they handled Henry, beat him mercilessly but he struggled to withstand some of their punches and carried a chair hit one of them on the head thereby making him fall down. Seeing that, i also staggered with one leg to another chair, carried it and hit another on the back. He fell down but stood up instantly. Before i knew what was happening, Leo, Clark and others who i didn’t even know joined the fight, so it became ‘survival of the fittest.’ We damaged several chairs and tables. Even when the wardens came to stop the holocaust, nobody listened to them until a tear-gas was released inside the place then everybody began to find their way back to their cells. As i ran along with my cell-mates, i fell on the staircase thereby stimulating more pains on my dislocated elbow joint. I screamed.
“Come on, dude, stand!” Leo helped me up before we all rushed into our cells praying that it should be locked coz all the cell-gates were automatic. Some people used that opportunity of riot and confusion to escape from the prison but they were caught in the process and shot dead instantly.
After an hour, everywhere became calm. All prisoners went back to their various cells. Henry and Leo had fixed my dislocated joint but didn’t know how to treat my broken head, nose and lips. We all remained quiet. I sat beside Leo while Henry sat alone on another bed.
“We have just started a war” Henry began. “The Rude Boys are not only dangerous but also deadly. So you should have it in mind that we are now at war with them. Therefore get prepared and be conscious of their movements”
“I guess I’m the cause of all this” i began. “Sorry i put you guys in this mess. But i want to let you know that this is my problem and i will get it fixed myself. So i don’t wonna involve any of you into it”
“We are already involved” Leo sounded calmly while Henry stood up walking around thoughtfully.
“Listen, Bright” he began. “We once had a cell-mate named Robby but was killed in a riot that happened in this prison. So if you think am gonna stand here and watched another of my cell-mate being killed, it’s a lie. We are all into this now”
I wasn’t only surprise but also happy to hear Henry speak in my favour. I also remembered that he didn’t only call me his cell-mate during the fight but also his friend. All that rendered me speechless. “Thanks, man” i said and shook his hand likewise Leo’s.
Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and weeks to months. We kept having fight with the Rude Boys occasionally. That was when i truly discovered their mission which is to have me killed. Though it wasn’t easy for them coz i had trained myself and became more familiar with the prison and it’s protocols. My broken lips and head healed while my beards grew in excess. My arm muscles became bigger because i constructed a ‘weight lift’ which i lifted every morning and evening, then i gradually became popular. I also learned how to play a basket ball regardless the fact that i disliked it. But i had no choice.
It was a Sunday night. Sir Joseph wasn’t at home except his daughter Mary who laid on the bed sleeping. She wore a transparent white pyjamas which made her underwear and breasts visible. Suddenly, she hastily woke up which indicated that she was dreaming, and that wasn’t the first time she had that dream. So she quickly reached her cell phone and dialed, Cynthia, her friend’s number.
“Babe, what are u still doing awake?” Cynthia asked on the phone.
“Cynthia, I’m really bothered” Mary placed a hand on her forehead.
“I keep seeing a man in my dream”
“Wow! Someone is inlove!” Cynthia giggled.
“No, this is serious!” Mary stood up from the bed to the window. “I’ve not seen this man I’m talking about before!”
“Meaning what?”
“I don’t know!”
“Babe, u need a deliverance. Why would u be seeing a man u don’t know in ur dreams?”
“U know what? Bye” Mary cut the call. Since she studied art, she brought out a large drawing sheet and began to draw the man she sees in her dreams, and that man was me..

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