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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode5 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Our cell saturated with smoke of weed. I was sitting beside Leo but my eyes never departed from the other man who sat opposit us. I couldn’t also stop thinking on how he knew that my life was in danger. Therefore, i asked him saying, “How do u know that my life is in danger, sir?”
“My name is Henry” the man began by smoking the last part of the weed and threw it on the floor. “Many things happen in this prison. I know you’re wondering how we got this weed. That’s to tell you that there are businesses that operate inside here” he paused and stood up walking towards the cell gate.
“What type of business?” i asked
“The type i guess you are the next to be used” Henry turned looking at me.
“Listen Bright, people are hired by some wardens to kill other people here in the prison after which they will be rewarded either by increasing their food or they will be given free access to some places or even secretly buy some weed for them”
I became confuse. Though i had so
many questions in my mind but didn’t know the one to throw first. Therefore i stood up from the bed inquisitively.
“Are you saying that i am one of those who will be killed too?”
“Probably” Henry replied.
“Who then wants me killed?” I asked again.
“I should be asking you that. Who wants you dead?” Henry returned the question staring into my eyes seriously. Just as i wanted to reply, all cells opened.
“Come on, it’s breakfast time” Leo said and walked out before Henry followed him. Though i was still angry but when i heard ‘It’s breakfast time’ my body chemistry changed coz i was demn hungry!
All the prisoners lined up with a plate waiting to get their food. I couldn’t wait to get mine and at the same time conscious of the people around me. When it finally got to my turn, a big spoonful rice was added into my plate-it was way too small! So i waited for another one to be added but the next person pushed me off in a way my plate fell down which attracted people’s attention.
“Why did u push me?”
“Coz you are a greedy fool. Do you think you’re in your Mama’s house? Oh, you thought so” the guy replied laughing at me with other two guys behind him who i believed were his colleagues. They were quite huge with scary muscles and beard.
“You know what? You are the biggest fool” i said stepping backward. They tried to fight me but wardens prevented them. I looked up to see sir Joseph discussing with a prisoner. Immediately he turned, our eyes caught each other but i averted mine and walked to the table empty handed where Henry and Leo were eating. I sat down.
“We saw what happened” Leo began. “Now you gonna stay hungry till the next day”
“You’re joking, right?”
“Nobody jokes here”
As i thought on how i was gonna stay hungry till the next day, Clark arrived at our table with his food.
“Where did he take you to?” he asked me.
“Sir Joe”
“Nowhere” i responded looking at Henry and Leo who suddenly became quiet.
“What did he say then?” Clark was still inquisitive.
“He said he wanted to know me the more” i replied.
“Fuck!” Clark exclaimed. “Guy, i guess your life is in danger” he added but nobody said anything, including me. We all directed our eyes to sir Joseph who immediately left the prisoner going outside.
“He’s up to something” Henry said.
“I’m not afraid of him” i defended boldly.
Clark looked at us then understood that we knew what he was talking about, so he became surprise. Just then, a group of huge boys arrived before us. There were four in number including those that poured my food away and another guy whom i believed was the one sir Joseph was discussing with.
“That’s him” one of them pointed at me.
“Me what?” i asked but before i knew it, they grabbed me out and kicked me to the floor. I stood up instantly ready to fight them back. Already, some prisoners had gathered around. I made the first move but i was kicked like a ball, beaten like a cow and wounded like some kind of animal. My eyes swole up, one of my teeth fell off and my elbow joint dislocated. I laid on the floor without being able to stand hopping that Clark, Henry or Leo would help me but they all stayed away from the fight. I guess the reason was because they were all afraid of them coz i saw other people giving them respect without wanting to interfere. Nevertheless, i staggered up with bleeding nose and head added to the hunger that delt with me. I positioned my hands again ready to fight thereby causing an uproar among the prisoners. I saw one of the four men running to me, kicked me back to the floor and brought out a small knife. “God receive my soul” was the last thing i said. Before he used the knife on me, a voice shouted, “Enough!”
Everywhere became quiet. I looked at the direction of the voice to see Henry standing boldly to help me…

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