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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode3 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Clark never mentioned any other thing to me until we walked to the telephone spot which hung on the wall having a yellow colour. He grabbed the phone, typed some numbers and placed it on his ear. I didn’t bother to listen to him or even watch him make the called. I turned my back on him watching others who were playing basket-ball.
“Hi, my beautiful angel” Clark’s voice drew my attention then i turned. His first statement made me wonder if actually the girl he called ‘my beautiful angel’ was his girlfriend and the one he also swore the kill. Nevertheless, i kept quiet listening to him.
“Clark, is that you?” a female voice
sounded on the phone.
“Of course baby. You know i still love you. Am gonna fulfil all the promises i made to u whenever i come out from this God forsaking place. Trust me. But i want u to do me a favour”
“What favour?”
“Please, wait for me until i come out in the next three years. Can u do that? Hello…” the line went dead then Clark angrily dropped the call and sat down on a permanent seat which was opposite the telephone. Seeing that, i also sat beside him.
“Was that your girlfriend, the one you swore to kill?” i broke the silence.
“Yes” Clark replied.
“Then why being so kind and lovely to her?”
Clark glanced at me and had a bemused smile. “You want me to give her the impression that am gonna kill her so that she will run away from me, right? I do my things codedly until the very day i will put a bullet in her forehead. Even her father contributed to the reason why I’m stuck inside here, where-as he’s also a notorious and political criminal”
“You don’t mean it!”
“I’m not kidding!”
“Wow, u really speak like Clark Kent, the super hero of smallvile. I guess you are as strong as he is” i smiled.
“You can say that again” Clark wasn’t smiling. We remained quiet hearing noises here and there. I was happy that someone like him was there to make me a second person. But i glanced at him saying, “What’s her name?”
“Who?” Clark asked sharply.
“Your girlfriend”
“Her name is Favour. Favour Vande”
“How’s she the reason why you are here?” i asked hopping that he would open up to me but the look from his face rendered me hopeless. He never said a word rather stood up as he stared at me.
“Have a nice stay, Bright” he dusted his buttocks and bounced away. I watched him walking to a far distance and shaking hands with people who were taller and even stronger than him.
“He must be a very bad boy” i concluded within myself.
Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours and eventually, the day became night. Other parts of the prison had electricity except our cells. We were sleeping in darkness and that was when enemies normally attack, after which u hear somebody died in one of the cells the next morning. I laid on my bed forcing myself to sleep with an empty stomach. I’m the type that loves food so much, so since i didn’t see one throughout that day, i became restless and that was the beginning of my suffering and change in body typology.
Sir Joseph popularly known as sir Joe was the chief warden of Eleke prison. He was quite rich with a single daughter, Mary, who was almost my age. She wasn’t fair in complexion neither was she dark. She was slim and gentle which made some people wonder if she could hurt a fly. She came out from her room wearing a very short, loosed and black skirt with a book in her hand. She met her father, Joseph in the sittingroom making a phone call, so she sat beside him. The sitting room was furnished having a white standing Air Condition at a corner. One could also see the television broadcasting CNN news.
“…What’s his name?” sir Joseph asked on the phone.
“He’s name is Bright Daniel” a male deep voice replied. “Though he’s serving a life imprisonment but I’m afraid he might be released one day. So make sure his life is terminated there and the money will be wired into your account”
“Consider it done” sir Joseph hung up the call and turned to his daughter. “Mary, what are you doing here?”
“Nothing, Dad” Mary closed the book to get her father’s full attention. “Why aren’t u at work today? I mean at the prison”
“I will be there tomorrow. In fact, i have a special assignment to do there” the father replied.
“What assignment?”
“How’s it your business?”
“Dad, i want to know about the prisoners and the prison as a whole” Mary requested.
The father smiled, took off his eyeglasses and said, “The prison isn’t a place where people should stay. It is meant for criminals and those who don’t abide by the laws of this country where they would learn their lessons and change for good”
“But Dad, there are innocent people there too”
“Hm.. Yes? But rare to find”
“Can i follow u to the prison one day?” Mary asked unabashedly.
“No way! I can’t let u go there” the father concluded..

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