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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode2 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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There were four beds inside the cell with one above another. I didn’t make a move as the two guys stared at me like hungry lions. One of them, the older, stood up to me glaring into my eyes. He was at his middle 40s with a mustache. By mare looking at him, one can tell that he had stayed inside the prison for a long time and probably might have given birth to children. He glanced at my pockets.
“Xup bro”
“Hi” i managed to say with my broken lips.
“What do you have?”
“I have nothing”
“I see” the man nodded his head
thoughtfully. “What’s your name?” he asked.
“I’m Bright” i responded.
“Nice name. So Bright, you have nothing” he turned his back on me still nodding his head. I looked at his colleague who sat on his bed smiling for a reason i couldn’t understand. Before i knew it, the other man turned, punched me twice on the face thereby breaking my lips the more. As i tried to react, another punch came on my belly and eventually on my backbones then i fell down hitting my face on the floor. After some seconds, i stood up feeling my lips heavier than initial-it had swollen up with blood gushing out of my mouth. The colour of my eyes changed to red as tears circled in them.
“That was for him” the other guy who was smiling stood up too. He was younger having an age range of 26-28. “Now it’s my turn” he tried to punch me also but i blocked it, so he released the other hand on my belly which made me folded it in pains. I straightened up again cleaning my bloody mouth. Suddenly, i heard a loud beep sound after which all the cells opened and people began to troop out. It was on the last floor. Therefore some began to run down through staircase while some stood on the varander. Even our own cell opened too.
“It’s game time” the two men shook hands and left the cell.
I climbed one of the beds, closed my eyes to remember my past but loud noise which seemed as if some people were fighting didn’t let me. I never wanted to go out neither did i want to know what was happening but the pandemonium which seemed more like a holocaust put me in perturbation. I went outside standing at the varander with my hands on a metal frame. I saw two guys fighting downstairs while others surrounded them and adding more fuel to the burning fire. “How am i gonna cope in this place?” i began to think again. “Wait, will i be here forever experiencing all this till i die? No, no, no” i shook my head negatively. Just then, a young boy in his 20th stood beside me. He looked gentle but speaks smartly and intelligently. After looking at him, i wondered what a small boy like him was doing in prison.
“Hi, man” he said but i didn’t respond. “My name is Clark. Clark Kent” he stretched his hand for a handshake but i ignored it.
“I’m Bright. Bright Daniel”
“Welcome to the land of misery, Bright”
“Why welcoming me?”
“Coz u are just coming”
“How do you know?” i glanced at him then concentrated on the fight that was going on.
“Because u smell good and look neat unlike us here” Clark leaned his back on the metal frame in a way he backed the fighters looking at me. “I know you must
have been wondering what a small boy like me is doing in prison. Am not gonna tell you even if you ask, neither am i gonna ask you what brought you here too. No, but a time shall come when both of us will tell each other our crimes without somebody asking us” he concluded seriously.
I didn’t understand what he was talking about neither did i want to understand, but to adapt to the deadly and dangerous environment, i had to understand and socialize with him. Therefore, i said, “What do you mean by a time shall come…”
“Listen Bright” Clark interrupted. He seemed undaunted by my inquisitions. “We have the good, the bad, the strong and the weak here. But the percentage of the weak is just 1%, and that one percent is you. People are killed everyday without anybody minding who or what killed them. So for you to survive here, you don’t only need to be bad but also strong. In the process, you shall tell people what brought you here without them asking you” he wanted to go out but suddenly turned again. “Also beware of gays” he added.
“Gay?” i repeated.
“Yes” Clark walked out.
After reasoning all that he said, i
followed him instantly. I met him on the staircase where we were walking outside.
“To where are u going?” i asked.
“To use the telephone” Clark replied.
“Who do u wonna call?”
“My girlfriend”
“You have a girlfriend?”
“What do you take me for, dude?” Clark stopped looking at me. “My girlfriend is the reason why l’m in this ass hole. And you know what? If i finally get out from here, I’m not gonna think twice before putting a bullet on her head. I must kill her!” he sounded seriously and moved on.
I followed him again wondering who his girlfriend was and what she did to him. Therefore i became more inquisitive…

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