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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode18 (Final Episode) | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Henry was happy to see me too but i became surprise when i saw him lying sick.
“What’s happening?” i asked.
“I’m down, man” Henry said under his breathe. He placed his palm on mine and squeezed it gently. “I have been waiting for you to come back to give you something coz i know that one day you gonna get out of here” he placed an old necklace on my palm. “Please, give it to my wife and tell her how sorry i am..” he began to cough out blood and shedding tears.
“Let me call the wardens to take care of you” i rushed towards the gate but he interrupted me
“No need, Bright. Please, also tell my children how much i love them especially Nancy, my first daughter, she’s 21 now..” Henry told me his address then gave up instantly.
“Is he dead?” Leo approached.
“Yes” i replied.
“It’s a pity” he shook his head piteously.
Few hours later, Henry’s dead body was carried away.
It was a free period. Clark and i sat
together at the telephone spot.
“Dude, what really happen? You suddenly become the boss of everybody here even the wardens” Clark gave me a friendly punch.
I told him my story to the end but omitted Favour’s part then he became surprise. I looked at him after a minute of silence and said, “When last did u hear from Favour?”
“Not too long” he replied.
“Were you a drug dealer?”
“Admit it”
“Fine, but how did you get this
“I met Favour Vande”
“You did?”
“Accidentally. What really happened?” i asked.
“We both were on the business until one day she began to date another guy who was our customer. I tried to react, she denied it and set me up. That’s how i found myself here” Clark relied.
“Does it really worth taking her life?” i looked at him but he never responded. “Please, i want you to spare her life. I guess she’s sorry about what she did”
“I don’t give a shit about that” Clark stood up angrily to walk out but the telephone rang. He stopped and looked at it before staring at me.
“What?” i asked.
Clark didn’t respond rather briskly
walked to the phone and picked the call.
“Please, i wonna speak with Clark”
Favour sounded on the phone.
“It’s Clark”
“Clark? Please, I’m sorry about..”
“Why are u apologizing?” Clark
“Coz I’m changed now”
“Change? From what and to what?”
“From everything” another female voice replied then Clark wondered who she was. “There is a reason why u are there which is to change your life for good. There is also a reason why i met Favour today. So please, forgive her. We gonna visit you soon”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Mary” the line went dead.
Clark hung up the call then looked at me.
“Who was that?” i asked.
“Favour, and someone named Mary”
“Mary?” i repeated thoughtfully. “What did she say?”
“Some bull-shit!” Clark concluded and went away.
I was finally summoned by Tom and he got me a lawyer after which i was released from prison within three days. Mary, Cynthia and Favour were at the law court with me. I could see how Lucas Fred was taken by soldiers into their vehicle. He was handcuffed before taken to the prison. Mary jingled a car key before me signalling me to drive. I drove the three girls home.
Few days after i delivered Henry’s
message to his family, i went to late sir Joseph’s burial. All the wardens were present to give him a befitting burial.
I sat inside our house. A house left for me by my late parents. The house was a local bungalow scantily furnished too. As i stood inside it reflecting on my life as a prison, Mary walked in. She wore a blue skirt and a black top which had white strips on it.
“Hi, welcome” i gave her a local chair to sit.
“You seem lonely” Mary sat down and crossed her legs.
“No, i was only meditating”
“On what?”
“My past life as a prisoner” we became quiet for a while. I wore a singlet and a jean trouser.
“I came to thank you for all your help” Mary broke the silence.
“I was only trying to fulfil a promise” i said.
“I saw everything that happened even before it happened”
“What do u mean?” i queried then she brought out the drawing sheet which contained my image.
“I kept dreaming about you saving my life when u were in Jail. So i had to draw your image and showed it to my late Dad without knowing that something was already going on between u and him”
“Is that why u reacted as if we’d met before on that first day u saw me?” i asked.
“Yes” Mary replied.
I kept quiet then brought out an already wrapped weed, lit it before her and began to smoke.
“You smoke?” Mary stood up to me and gently took the weed from me. We both looked at each other romantically then gradually began to kiss..
Clark and Leo came out successfully from prison after they completed their years in prison. Clark never harmed Favour rather both abstained from drugs.

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