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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode17 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Mary also stared at Favour and i inside the car wondering what was happening when i mentioned the name ‘Clark Kent’ Even Favour couldn’t believe how i came about the name.
“Tell me Vande” i began with her surname. “How are you the reason why Clark is in prison?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about” she closed the door of the car heading towards the gate of their house.
“Favour!” i called her coming out from the car too. She stopped and looked at me. She wore a very short skirt and a top with timberland shoes on her feet. “I
don’t wonna meddle in your affairs but watch your back because Clark isn’t gonna think twice before putting a bullet in your head whenever he comes out of prison” i concluded and returned into the car. As i was driving off, i saw Favour from the side mirror still standing and looking at me.
“Where did you see that girl?” Mary began from the back seat. “How can a young girl like that be a drug dealer. From the way she looks, i guess her parents are rich so why indulging in such act?”
“I need the address of your house” i demanded without wanting to involve in that conversation with her. She waited for a while before telling me the address then i took her straight to their house. When we got there, i came out first and opened the door for her which surprised her.
Mary became moody shedding tears immediately we entered into the sittingroom. The memory of her late father became fresh, so she collapsed on one of the couches crying while i stood beside lookin at her.
“This life is cruel” i began. “Sometimes things happen the way we didn’t plan it. I have come to the conclusion that the only constant thing in life is ‘change.’ When our lives change, we should also change and adapt to the condition it brings. Secondly, what a man does illegally kills him. I won’t be surprise when i hear that Favour, the drug dealer, is dead coz what she’s into is what will definitely kill her” i touched Mary’s shoulder. “So my dear, your father died as a result of the bad thing he tried to do. Stop crying” i left her and sat on another couch. When the quietness lingered, Mary dose off in a deep sleep. Tears could still be seen on her face. I stood up, located her room then carried her there and placed her on the bed. I also covered her with a blanket.
Mary’s cell phone which was in the sittingroom woke me up coz i spent the night there. I quickly picked the call when i saw the caller as ‘Dad’ coz i knew it was Tom.
“It’s Bright”
“Bright, Lucas Fred had been arrested as the real murder of Kenneth Hobe and sir Joseph after Annabel confessed in the police station and.. and.. committed suicide”
I became disappointed. “Why?”
“Coz it came to her notice that she was paralyzed and won’t be able to walk again for the rest of her life. A doctor confirmed it” Tom replied. I exhaled heavily rubbing my hands on my head as he continued, “My men are on their way to take you back to prison” he concluded and hung up the call.
I stood still staring at the wall with the cell phone in my hand. When i remembered all the things that happened, i concluded that the Lord had been with me right from the first day i made up my mind not to take another
perso’s life which led me to prison.
Though it became necessary in the hands of the Rude Boys but i saw the evidence in the lives of Bethel and Annabel coz i never killed them; Mary killed Bethel while Annabel took her own life. As i reasoned all those things, Mary woke up wondering how she ended up in bed. She came out to see me standing in a way i turned my back on her.
“Why are you standing staring at the wall?”
“My mission here is complete” i said without looking back.
“What do you mean?” Mary took two steps forward. Just then, a knock came from the door and i watched her open it. She saw four warders with guns who entered uninterrupted.
“What’s going on?” Mary asked.
“We are here to take him back to prison” one of them replied pointing at me.
“But why? Haven’t you heard his story?”
“We are only following orders”
Mary watched them handcuff me and began to lead me out. I stopped at the door, looked at Mary who was already staring at me.
“I’m happy i have fulfilled my promise to your father. You’re safe now” i said then averted my eyes from her as we all left the house.
They drove me back to Eleke prison, changed my cloth and began to lead me back to my cell-cell 56. My fame had gone round the prison. Therefore as i walked along the passage going into my cell with warders behind me, prisoners began to hail my name again, “Brightto! Brightto!”
Hearing that from afar, Clark stood very close to his cell gate. Immediately he saw me, he smiled saying, “You’re the real
Clark Kent, man!”
I smiled too. After they put me back into my cell, Leo hugged me happily.

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