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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode14 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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I gently stood up from the bed and walked to Mary who was still crying on the floor. I helped her up then placed her on the bed in a way i sat down beside her.
“A man called Lucas Fred sent your Dad to kill me in prison” i began then Mary listened attentively looking at me.
“Though it wasn’t easy for him so Lucas wanted him dead too. He sent his assassins to kill him. Before then, your father had known my story; why i was in prison and why Lucas wanted him dead”
“Why?” Mary asked.
When i narrated my story to her from beginning to the end, she became amazed then said, “Are you saying that you know the girl that killed my father and the guy that wanted to kill me recently?”
“Yes, i do and am not gonna stop until i take revenge” i stood up. “The battle has just begun” i said unabashedly.
“I wonna avenge my father too” Mary stood up also.
“I can’t allow you do that”
“Coz i have to keep my promise”
“What promise?”
“I promised your father that i will take care of you”
“Meaning what?” Mary became angry.
“I need a cash to change up” i requested ignoring her interrogation which made her more angry. After she refused to give me the money, i reach her hand-bag, collected much money from it.
“How dare you put your hands inside my bag?! You have no manners!” Mary shrieked.
“It’s for your own good. Remain
indoors” i concluded and left the room then she began to moan her father again.
The day began to get dark as i drove along the road. The story of my life also began to change gradually to something i was yet to understand. I got to a nearby boutique, monitored if there were any policemen around before entering inside. The boutique had both male and female clothings even other minor items. When i entered, some customers began to stare at me strangely due to how dirty i was. I didn’t need to waist time, so i picked only a cloth. Fortunately, i saw a clipper then took it heading to the cashier. Immediately i turned left through another shelf, i bumped on a girl and our items fell on the floor. She wasn’t too beautiful, but mare looking at her, one can tell that she was from a wealthy family.
“I’m sorry” we said at the same time bending down to pick our items after which we stood up. The look on her face changed immediately she noticed i was on a prison uniform.
“Are you just coming out of prison?” she asked.
“Hum.. No, I’m an engineer. We just finished a work down the road” i lied.
“Okay. I’m Favour. Favour Vande” she stretched her hand to me. Her name reminded me of Clark, so i became surprise coz i could remember Clark telling me that his girlfriend’s name is Favour Vande and also planned to kill her immediately he come out of prison.
“I’m Bright. Bright Daniel” i shook her hand then departed instantly. I paid for my items and went straight into my car. Before i put the key in the ignition, Favour also came out, entered into a car too and drove off. “What a small world?” i said within myself then drove out too without knowing that a car from behind was following me. And the driver of that car was Bethel.
Immediately i entered into the hotel, i headed straight to the bathroom without minding how Mary was feeling. Though she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. The mark of tears could be seen on her face. Few minutes later, i came out from the bathroom well dressed with my beard well shaved too. Just then, a knock came from the door and i picked my gun instantly. I saw Mary also stood up in fear staring at the door.
“Who is that?” i asked.
“Tom” a voice came behind the door then i lowered my gun and opened it to see Tom with a voluminous bag. He handed it to me when he entered and looked at Mary.
“I’m Tom, your father was my boss. I’m sorry for his lost. His body had been deposited to the mortuary until justice is carried out”
Mary didn’t say a word but watched us discussed.
“Inside that bag are your weapons” Tom told me. “I have always believed that you are innocent of what they accuse you off. Now seek for justice”
“Thank you”
“Remember that you aren’t free yet. As you fight for justice, remained a witness who will get you out of prison legally”
“I will” i shook Tom’s hand before he left.
Bethel rushed home, picked his guns to Annabel’s surprise.
“What’s going on?”
“I have found where Bright is. He is probably staying with Joseph’s
“Diamond’s Hotel. I will be leaving tonight” Bethel concluded.
On the other hand, i brought out a very strong gun from the bag Tom gave me. I put it back and kept it before looking at Mary.
“Are you hungry” i asked her but she didn’t say anything. Nevertheless, i ignored her and sat on the cushion opposit the bed.
“Now what?” Mary asked.
“I will be leaving tonight to Bethel and Annabel’s house. Those that set me up and murdered your father” i replied..

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