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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode13 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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I took Mary to the car i came with-her father’s car. She became surprise when she saw it but never said a word until we entered. I was still in my prison uniform, bushy hair and beard. I started the car without looking at Mary who sat beside me.
“This is my father’s car, right?”
“Where is he?”
I kept quiet coz i couldn’t tell her that her father was dead but when she persuaded, i said, “Your father is at work”
“Then why is he not the one to come here and save me? Why you, a prisoner who should remain behind bars?”
“I’m only following your father’s orders”
“He ordered a prisoner to leave the prison? That’s one thing my father will never do. You’ve not said the truth” Mary concluded taking her cell phone to call her father while i reversed the car immediately. “Where i you taking me to?” she asked.
“To the tarmac” i responded.
“No, I’m not going there”
“But you were leaving the city to Abuja according to your father”
“I’m not going again. I want to know how my father is doing, so i command you to stop this car now and take me to Eleke prison to see my Dad!”
I applied the break and the car pulled to a stop. I looked at Mary and said, “Listen, the city isn’t safe even the prison, so if you insist that you aren’t leaving the city again then i have to keep you somewhere safe until your father’s enemies, as well as my enemies go down”
“What are you talking about?” Mary asked enthusiastically.
“It’s a long story” I started the car and reversed again.
Bethel didn’t go back to Lucas as instructed because he didn’t kill Mary. He waited for Annabel in their own personal house. The house was a bungalow without fence painted with brown paint. The inside was tiled and also furnished. Suddenly, Annabel entered with a bleeding leg and fell at the entrance of the sittingroom where Bethel was waiting for her. She wasn’t dressing like a rev. sister anymore.
“Annabel!” Bethel rushed her. “Goddamn it!” he shouted and carried her to a table immediately, tore the part of her trouser where the bullet entered and began to treat her since they had all the equipment needed. After he took the bullet off and covered the wound, both sat quietly on different cushion.
“How was the assassination?” Bethel broke the silence.
“Successful” Annabel replied. “What about yours?” she asked.
“Before i pulled the trigger, Bright showed up”
“Bright? How come? He should be in prison. In fact i saw him there”
“I don’t know how he showed up” Bethel concluded then both remained quiet looking at each other. Obviously, they knew that they were in danger because i wasn’t in prison anymore.
“We should be extra careful now” Annabel broke the silence.
“Yes, and this time around am gonna kill not only Joseph’s daughter but also Bright himself. Moreover, we have to leave this house because he might come at any time” Bethel concluded.
I took Mary to Diamond Hotel, a bit far from residential area. The hotel was several storey buildings with an electrified fence too. We rested on the fift floor inside room 255. The room was quite beautiful with a large bed beside it. Though a television hung on the wall but wasn’t on. Mary sat on the edge of the bed still trying her father’s number while i stood before her until Tom picked the call.
“Hello, Dad!”
“Are you Mary, sir Joe’s daughter?” Tom asked on the phone. “I need to speak with Bright” he added.
“What’s going on? Who are you and who is Bright?” Mary queried.
Hearing that, i dragged the phone from her instantly.
“It’s me Bright, sir”
“How was it?”
“Successful. We are in Diamond Hotel”
“Good. Have you told her about her father?”
“Not yet”
“Okay, I’m coming there in the next one hour”
“Okay” i hung up the call then stretched the phone back to Mary but she refused to take it back.
“I demand to know what’s going on! Why is another person picking my Dad’s call?!” she shrieked.
I quietly sat beside her. “I’m sorry, your father is gone” i said calmly. I watched her eyes engulfed with tears as she stared into my eyes too.
“Tell me you’re joking” she said letting the tears pour down.
“I’m sorry” i repeated.
“No!” Mary cried and stood up to run out of the room but i held her back. “Leave me alone! I want to see my Dad! Get your hands off me!”
“I can’t let you go out there!” i insisted.
Mary managed to push me on the bed, took my gun and pointed it at me in tears.
“Listen to me girl” i began. “It’s not safe for you out there. The same people who tried to kill you lately are the same people who entered into the prison and shot your father dead. So you have to put the gun down and listen to me!”
“What else do you want me to listen?” Mary asked.
“You have to listen why your father died and also know those who killed him” i answered.
I watched her gradually brought down the gun and sat on the floor crying bitterly…

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