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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode12 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Annabel was on white like a Rev. Sister walking into the prison after
undergoing series of screening at the gate.
Meanwhile, i was still with sir Joseph in his office wondering what he wanted me to do.
“I still don’t know what you want from me” i said.
Sir Joseph looked into my eyes with his two hands placed on the table. I could sense danger from his eyes.
“Do you know Lucas Fred?” he asked.
“He’s a politician who ordered for the murder of Kenneth Hobe. Though i don’t know how you ended up here but he’s the source of the order. I want to get you a lawyer, testified against Lucas in high court of law and get you out of prison. Though my life is in danger as we speak but i want you to do me a favour; if i don’t make it alive, take care of my daughter. She’s on her way to the airport now”
I couldn’t believe my ears neither did i believe what he was saying.
Nevertheless, i responded saying, “You can count on me, sir” I stretched my hands to him which he grabbed hardly like a man and smiled at me.
The story of my life began to change from that moment. As i stood up to leave the office, Tom entered.
“Sir, we have a Rev. Sister who wants to pray for the prisoners and i told her to see you first”
“Okay, let her in” Sir Joseph ordered.
I left the office going back to the dining room with warders behind me. I saw Annabel but couldn’t recognise her due to the nature of her dressing. Though her face looked familiar but i didn’t care to make inquiries. After-all, i was only a prisoner. She passed me and entered into sir Joseph’s office. Inside the office, as she wanted to start up a conversation, sir Joe’s cell phone rang-that was Mary, his daughter.
“Hello, Dad, someone is following me on my way to the airport. please, help me I’m so scared”
“Oh, shirt!” sir Joseph exclaimed. “Please, sister, go ahead with whatever you wonna do” he added trying to rush out but Annabel brought out a silent gun and pointed it at him.
“This is what i wonna do” she said and pulled the digger twice on his chest then left the office immediately.
However, i sat in the dining table without telling my friends what sir Joseph told me. Just then, i saw the Rev. Sister hurrying out of the prison. Her movement became very familiar to me. “Annabel? Annabel!” i shouted and stood up instantly running towards sir Joe’s office but warders blocked me. “She’s not a reverend sister!” i shouted again.
Hearing that, the emergency alarm was rung and the prison gate began to close automatically. Warders from different angle opened fire shooting at Annabel who was running towards the gate shooting back at them too. She killed some warders but just before she passed through the gate, a bullet rendered her cripple but she managed to escape with it. Though several bullets touched her body but none entered-that was because she wore a bulletproof.
Tom and i entered inside sir Joe’s office at the same time. Meanwhile, the prison had become lousy. The prisoners began to shout while some wanted to use that opportunity to escape. Some enemies also use the period to fight to the extent of killing one another breaking chair and pouring food away. The weak and hungry ones bent down eating the food that was poured on the floor.
Back inside the office, sir Joseph was still breathing and bleeding. He looked at me and said, “Please, save my daughter” he also looked at Tom. “Do me the favour of letting Bright go now please. He’s innocent. He shouldn’t be here. Let him go and save my daughter please” he concluded and took his last breath.
Tom stared at me for a while then handed a gun to me. He reached sir Joseph’s car key and handed it to me too. “Do his wish. Still remember that u are a prisoner” he said.
“Okay” i replied and rushed out.
Meanwhile, Tom had ordered that no warden should stop me. I entered into the car and drove out to Lagos airport.
At the airport, Mary walked briskly along the road as Bethel followed her. She began to run to quicken her steps but Bethel did the same chasing her to a lonely street. He knew he couldn’t bring out his gun in the public to shoot her so he waited till there were no person on the inner part of the street. “Freez!” he shouted pointing the gun at her, so Mary stopped and turned looking at Bethel. Just before he pulled the trigger, i arrived from Mary’s back.
“Get down!” i shouted. Immediately she got down, i positioned my gun to pull the trigger too but Bethel suddenly disappeared through another route. So i walked to where Mary was shivering on the ground and stretched my hand for her to stand up. She stared at me for a while before she grabbed it and stood up looking into my eyes.
“It’s you..” she said again.
“Me who?” i asked. “We have no time, let’s get out of here” i added
immediately without wanting to hear her reply. We hurried out of the place..

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