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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode11 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Mary was blocked from entering into the inner prison by some wardens. Prisoners watched her argue with them. Since it had been long many of them saw a girl, they began to admire not only her beauty but also her buttocks and shape of breasts.
“Miss, you can’t enter here!”
“I wonna speak with my father!” Mary shrieked. Just then, sir Joseph, her father came out. He was surprise to see his daughter. Therefore he ordered, “Let her through”
The wardens opened the gate for Mary and left the place instantly. After she entered, she stared into her father’s eyes breathing heavily. Even the father wasn’t looking happy.
“Mary, what are you doing here for goodness sake?!”
“Gun men came to our house recently demanding for you. Fortunately, you weren’t around so they had to leave. I just came here to inform you as your daughter since you couldn’t pick my calls”
“Gun men” sir Joseph repeated thoughtfully staring at the floor. “Come with me” he began to walk into his office followed by Mary. After they got there, sir Joseph took a small gun while Mary stared at the drawing sheet that contained my image. It was on the table.
“Dad, you know him, right?”
“This man here” Mary pointed at the image. “He is a prisoner here and i just saw him outside! What is going on, Dad? And who are the people that want you dead?”
“Don’t meddle with my affairs” the father took his cell phone, dialed Lucas number in the presence of his daughter. “Listen, Lucas” he began on the phone. “If i ever see your men around my vicinity again, i won’t only expose you but also kill you” he cut the call.
Mary became more afraid. “What’s going on Dad?” she asked.
“You are leaving this town” the father replied.
“You heard me”
“But why?”
“Are you dumb?! Can’t you see that the city isn’t safe for you and i again?”
“That’s because of what you’ve caused!” Mary began to shed tears.
“I’m sorry, but you really have to leave this city to Abuja first thing tomorrow morning. Let me take you home” they began to walk out from the prison. On their way through the passage, sir Joseph called Tom saying, “Get the prisoners inside and be more vigilant”
“Yes, sir” Tom replied.
I and my friends were still in the basket-ball court playing when sir Joseph came out in a hurry with his daughter. I stopped looking at them, likewise others. I could see Mary also looking at me with the drawing sheet in her hand. “Something is going on” i began to think. “Why is she holding the same sheet that has my image? Could it be that she knows who i am? But i don’t know her. I have never seen her before”
“All prisoners should get back into their cells” a voice from a meggaphone brought me back to my normal senses, then i began to go inside still staring at Mary as they drove off.
Lucas was seen walking to and fro inside his sittingroom near a bar. He had a hot wine in one of his hands while the other rested behind him. By mare looking at him, one can tell that he was really angry. Just then, Bethel and Annabel entered.
“We didn’t get him, sir” Bethel said. “We only saw her daughter” he added.
“The idiot, Joseph, called me and threatened not only to expose me but also kill me” Lucas paused and drank a small quantity of the hot wine. “He has just touched the lion by the tail. Tomorrow, go back to his house, kill him and his daughter. If he won’t be around, go to Eleke prison and make sure he’s dead. Don’t come back here without killing him and his daughter”
“You don’t have a problem sir” Annabel began. “I will personally go into that prison dressing like a Rev. Sister who wants to pray for the prisoners. I will make sure Joseph go down”
“Good” Lucas concluded and drank the remaining wine.
Mary had left to catch her flight at the airport. She had also called Cynthia and briefed her on what was on ground. Already, sir Joseph had gone back to Eleke prison. I and my friends were all in the dining room, round a large table eating our breakfast when two warders arrived with guns.
“Sir Joe calls you”
“Who?” Clark asked.
“Bright” one of them replied.
We stared at them for a while before i stood up and followed them. They led me into sir Joe’s office where i was made to sit before him.
“Excuse us” Sir Joe commanded and the warders left the office. I watched him stood up from his seat walking towards the window. He suddenly turned and
said, “Bright, i know everything about you. I mean why you are here. I also know the true killer of Kenneth Hobe who is now trying to kill me because i couldn’t kill you”
“Why are you telling me all this?” i asked.
“Because my life and that of my
daughter is in danger now” Sir Joe replied.
I became quiet reasoning what he wanted me to do or say because
i didn’t know why he had to tell me all that.
However, Annabel was at the prison gate as a Rev. Sister…

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