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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode10 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Sir Joseph quickly picked up the drawing sheet which contained my image.
“What’s that for?” i asked but he didn’t answer rather left the room after gazing at me. He ordered the warders to take me back to my cell, cell 56 which they did.
As sir Joseph walked briskly through a passage going to his office, Tom met him on the way.
“What’s going on, sir?”
“What do you mean, ma?” Sir Joseph asked referring him as a feminine.
“Three prisoners died inside a cell you ordered me to put, Bright into. Was it a planned act?”
“It depends on how you take it. I just gave you an order”
“But according to the prisoner, Bright, the men attacked him so he had no choice but to defend himself”
“Then why are you questioning me when you already know what
happened?” sir Joseph finally entered into his office, placed the drawing on his table and relaxed on his seat. Yet, Tom was still standing before him.
“From all indications, you planned what happened and i want to know why”
“How dare you question me! Please, leave my office, Tom” sir Joseph concluded while Tom left the office.
Bethel had a huge and muscular body. Average height and dark complexion. Annabel on the other hand had a fair complexion. Her body stature and dressing was like that of masculine except the shape of her breasts. She wore a three-quarter jean trouser and a white canvas on her feet. Both stood ruggedly beside Lucas wearing a face-cap.
“Bethel” Lucas began with a red wine in his hand. “Initially i told you to kill Bright when i discovered that he was weak to do his job but you wouldn’t listen saying that it would be better you set him up and throw him in jail coz he is your friend. Now i heard that he’s becoming stronger there wanting to get back at you, not me, because i know he doesn’t know me as the one who ordered for the murder of Kenneth Hobe. Nevertheless, i have been making an effort to make sure he dies inside the prison through Joseph, the chief warden, but it’s not working. Now Joseph has also quit in carrying out the assignment, and you know what that means; Kill him coz he knows too much now. One million naira will be wired into your account after that”
“Okay, sir” Bethel replied.
“Address” Annable said.
“Pardon?” Lucas looked at her.
“I mean the address of the so called Joseph”
“Oh..” Lucas gave them the address and they left.
Sir Joseph remained quiet in his office gazing at the drawing. “How can my daughter see a man i want to kill in her dream to the extent of drawing his image?” he began to think. “What have i gotten myself into? Something is going on” he dose off without going home.
Bethel and Annabel bounced inside the residence of sir Joseph. Unfortunately they met only Mary at home whom they made to lie down flat in the sitting room. They weren’t holding ordinary guns but dangerous and powerful ones.
“I guess you are the daughter of Joseph” Bethel said.
“Yes, please, don’t kill me” Mary begged from the floor.
“Where is he?”
“He’s not at home”
“I said where is he!” Bethel kicked her buttocks with his shoe.
Mary frightened. “He’s at work” she replied.
Bethel gave Annable sign and they left the house leaving Mary unharmed. After they left, Mary stood up, grabbed her phone and called her father’s line but he wasn’t picking up. So she quickly rushed out into her car and drove straight to Eleke prison.
However inside the prison, it was our free time and i was playing a basket-ball with Clark, Leo, Henry and other prisoners. There was a metallic net surrounding the court. As we were playing, i hit the ball in a way it flew above the net and landed on an open area full of sandy soil.
“Hey, dude, take it easy!” Clark became disappointed.
“My bad, I’m sorry” i said.
“Go get the ball, dude” Leo reminded me.
I got out of the court to pick the ball. Warders monitored me with guns from different angles. Any slight movement i make beyond the place the ball was, i would be shot dead instantly. I reached the ball to pick it, Fortunately, Mary drove inside, parked the car beside me and came out in a hurry. We stared at each other. The gaze from her eyes was something i didn’t understand.
“It’s you…” Mary said coming closer to me but a voice from a meggaphone said, “Step away from him. No interaction with any prisoner”
Mary stopped still staring at me. Meanwhile, i had picked the ball and left the place without saying anything to her. I didn’t even know her but i wondered why she reacted as if she had seen me before. When i entered into the basket-ball court, we all watched her hurried inside the prison.
“That’s sir Joe’s daughter, i guess” Henry said. “I wonder what she’s doing here” he added.
However, i became dumb but more enthusiastic to know the girl who acted as if she had seen me before…

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