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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode1 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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My name is Bright Daniel. Whenever you think of a tall handsome dude, think of me. Though I’m not fair in complexion but close to that. I am so quiet with delicate heart and skin coz i can easily be hurt emotionally and physically thereby activating tears that would drop down from my eyes uncontrollably. I am twenty-four. The very thing i hate most is violence regardless how insulted or persecuted i could be treated. If I’m being slapped on one side of my cheek, i would gladly turn the other side to be slapped again, just like the bible said. But all this features of mine began to change tremendously when i found myself inside a prison.
I remember vividly on the first day soldiers were driving me from the high court of justice to Eleke prison. I wore a prison uniform; a yellow dress which covered from my head to toes. Handcuffs could be seen on my hands while a loosed chain tied on my two legs-at the ankles. Six soldiers were sitting beside me at the back of the vehicle in a way i was in between them. They had strong guns in their hands which they all handled with black hand-gloves. None of them was smiling when i glanced at their faces one after the other. As a matter of fact, four of them wore a very black pair of eyeglasses which rendered their faces even more scary and mean. Nevertheless, i averted my eyes from them looking at the grasses which seemed to be running, looking at me and waving at me too. “When will i see these grasses again?” i began to think. The grasses were the only thing i could think of because my parents died two years ago and people hardly associated with me. The ones i called my friends betrayed me, so i couldn’t think of anything or anybody but the grasses which were running and waving at me.
We finally reached Eleke prison then the gate cracked opened. Few soldiers jumped down from the vehicle as it drove inside with a speed.
“Get down!” a soldier pushed me out from the vehicle in a way i nearly fell down. “Move!” he added then pushed me again. The chains on my legs jingled as i struggled to move thereby generating a severe pain on my ankles. The noise and shout of prisoners i head from outside skipped my heart and fastened it’s beating rate. Therefore, i stopped and looked around the environment. The ground was more of sandy soil except a basket ball court which was cemented. I never liked the game so i averted my eyes from it to the prison building. It was a long two storey building with a black roof. At every corner of the environment were soldiers keeping watch of any wrong movement with guns too. Some of them moved to and fro while some, who were on top of a high place viewed with binoculars.
“Mr man, what’s the problem?” a voice came from behind then i turned to see the soldier glaring at me.
“Nothing sir” i replied.
“Then why aren’t you moving? Come on move, you criminal!” he pushed me for the third time then i fell with my face on the sandy soil. He forcefully dragged me up and stared into my bleeding lips. Then i spat out my bloody saliva saying, “My name is Bright Daniel, not a criminal”
“Are you talking back at me?!” he slapped me, kicked me and pushed me again.
I was finally handed over to the
wardens, i saw one of them take my picture, wrote down my name in the book of life imprisonment and my cell number. Yet, the noise from prisoners kept reminding me how hard, dangerous and deadly it could be inside there. Just as i wondered how i was gonna survive, a warden, the one that was writing my details down, said, “Hey, Bright, what about your parents?”
“Negative” i responded.
“You heard me”
The warden signed and glanced at his fellow workers then glared at me again.
“Any relative?”
“What of friends?”
“Your residence?”
I kept quiet without responding again coz i knew the court must have handed my details to them. There were just trying to hear it from me. I cleaned my bleeding lips on my shoulder then concentrated on the noise coming from the cells again.
“I guess he’s the stubborn type. Take him into his cell” the warder concluded. The handcuffs and the chain were loosened and two other wardens with guns began to lead me to my cell. As we walked simultaneously on the long passage, i saw the hands of prisoners coming out through the gate of each cell shouting for a reason i didn’t understand. We got to my cell, i looked up to see it’s tag-‘Cell 56.’ I also saw two guys inside it through the gate. They were staring at me like hungry lions which automatically triggered the fear in me and dried the remaining saliva in my mouth. Before i knew it, i heard a beep sound and the cell gate gradually opened.
“Enter” one of the wardens said but i hesitated. “Enter!” he kicked me inside with his leg and i heard the gate gradually closed again…

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