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Thursday, 24 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode9 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed as she sight Nnena coming out with the gateman from the gateman’s cubicle.
Nnena couldn’t believes her hears, she couldn’t believe Mrs. Chioma caught her coming out from the gateman’s cubicle, she was shocked and dumbfounded, she wish the land could just open up and swallow her, but the land refuse to pave way for her through its mouth. Her minds has fast forward with many thoughts; she knew that she has definitely meet her doom, she knew that if she was not dismiss that means she will be living in hell, she has equally thoughts about how she is going to survive if she was dismiss, she imaging walking on the street bare-footed, looking tattered and mal-nutritious, she thought about the innocent gateman whose job is now at stake, she regret accepting to sleep inside the gateman’s cubicle. She was totally heart-weeping.
“Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma recalled her name in disbelieves.
“Ewo! Chineke! So you are a whore, I mean a harlot! At your age you have already became a prostitute. God! Where are we going to in this world? Please how old are you?” Mrs. Chioma asked totally baffled.
“Ma, I can explain….” Nnena try to rebuttal but Mrs. Chioma bang in.
“I said how old are you? Are you deaf?” Mrs. Chioma asked shouting.
“fo…u..rte…en ye…ars old ma.” Nnena replied stammering.
“Jesus Christ! Fourteen years old and you have become a call girl. Ah! Nnena I will skin you alive today, you will regret been born into this world, now go inside am coming to meet you.” Mrs. Chioma uttered bitterly at the same time commands Nnena.
Mrs. Chioma face the gateman who was looking the ground, he feel guilty for the punishment the innocent girl would receive from Mrs. Chioma, he blame the spirit that force him to persuade Nnena to sleep inside his cubicle, he knew his apex punishment can’t exceed been sack by Mrs. Chioma, but he don’t care, he was totally baffled by Nnena’s misfortune.
“Hope you enjoy her service?” Mrs. Chioma asked as she approached the gateman, she wore a very wicked face; her eyes were as red like a burning fire, she mean no good for the gateman because the expression shows from her face.
“Ma, I just try to help her from this harsh harmattan whether, when I saw that you ask her to sleep outside yesterday night, nothing more and nothing happen between us inside the cubicle.” The gateman try to defense Mrs. Chioma accused on him.
“Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth, you think I will sack you? So that is why you have the courage to talk to me in such manner, you have already decide your fate whereas you decider haven’t proclaim you fate (laughing), I won’t sack you, you must be useful some other time.” Mrs. Chioma replied as she head for the building.
“The gateman was quiet happy but at the same time mixed-up “I won’t sack you, you must be useful some other time” the statement re-echo in his ear, he knew Mrs. Chioma mean no good for Nnena “but what good won’t I be to Mrs. Chioma, if not to accomplish her with her wicked and bad doers.” The gateman said in a very low tone. “Well I pray I won’t fall a victim.” He conclude as he opts for his cubicle.
“Please ma, I don’t do it, the gateman only offer to help me which I later accept after much persuasion by the gateman.” Nnena uttered bitterly as she feel a hot iron placed on her cheeks.
“Ahhahha!” Nnena groaned in pains.
“After persuasions that he will change your life for better? That he will free you from the bondage of slavery? That he will be paying you for the night service you are rendering to him? That he will make you his wife?” Mrs. Chioma Isolated.
“No ma……………..” Nnena try to defense as she was wiped by Chiamaka.
“But that is what he just told me outside.” Mrs. Chioma lies.
“Ehn!” Nnena was shocked by Mrs. Chioma statement she doubt the gateman could said that she was confused “Does the gateman really say this?” she thought rhetorically.
“Ma…………………….” Nnena was speechless.
“Shut up.” Mrs. Chioma yelled as she brought out a newly brought cane, she wipe Nnena like never before, Nnena has never been beaten like this before, she thought she could die if Mrs. Chioma continue to beat her like this, she was crying, weeping at the same time screaming for help but all her yelling was to no avail. Chiamaka join her mother in beating the Innocent Nnena, just then Obinna arrives at the scene.
“Mother!” He screamed will all the energy his body could gather.
“Obinna, you are back?” Mrs. Chioma asked forming nice.
“Mother!” Obinna called in a very low tone as tears flow freely from his eyes through his cheeks.
Naturally, Obinna hate seeing another person been maltreat or punished unlawfully, he knew her mother can’t be beating Nnena because of a genuine reason, he knew her mother to be wicked but what can he do? She is his mother and she gave birth to him.
What do you think will happen next?
Your opinions are highly welcomed
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