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Thursday, 24 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode8 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

Nnena couldn’t sleep, she was having a sleepless night, she has been thinking about her ghosts’ parent. She was sobbing incessantly. “This world is so scorn, contempt and disdainful for the poor, we are regards as nothing but ragtag, riffraff, trash and scum. We couldn’t be entitled to just a little respect. God, I hope you could see me through.” Nnena was thinking and sobbing at the same time, just then Mrs. Chioma bang into her room.
“You are not sleeping? You are going to meeting right?” Mrs. Chioma counter-blasted Nnena.
“Ma, I don’t understand what you are saying.” Nnena replied with a shaky voice.
“You won’t understand! You want to go and plan the next strategy to kill Chiamaka right?” Mrs. Chioma explained.
“Ma……………………..” Nnena drawled with a beseeching expression.
“Let me tell you what you don’t understand; you are a slave and you remain a slave here, I wish to do you good but you remarked my good deed as misdeed, maybe because you are sleeping inside Air Condition (AC) that is why you think you have reach your destination but hell no, I will made you regret been born into this word.” Mrs. Chioma nasalized.
“Ma……………………….” Nnena tries to defense as Mrs. Chioma bang in.
“Shut up, am talking and you are also talking, what a gut! Now stand up and follow me.” Mrs. Chioma commanded.
Mrs. Chioma drags Nnena outside the house, she command Nnena to sleep outside “and here will be your new room as from today.” Mrs. Chioma commended. Mrs. Chioma opts for her building as she left Nnena to sleep in the cold weather. It was the harmattan season in early November, everywhere was as cold as a snow, and the breeze was more than cool but iced. Nnena has no option than to sleep outside. She wept bitterly, she recalls all the nice and pleasure time she had with her lovely parent, she call back how this trauma all started, and she was weeping bitterly when she had her name called.
“Nnena.” Lo and behold it was the gateman who has been watching the scene between Mrs. Chioma and Nnena. The gateman approach Nnena as he helps her up.
“Sorry, I understand how you feel but don’t worry all is well.” The gateman uttered pitifully.
“Thank you sir.” Nnena appreciate respectfully.
“Why don’t you manage with me inside my cubicle at least that will be better than sleeping inside this harsh weather.” The gateman said kindly.
Nnena bluntly refuse to sleep inside the gateman cubicle, she thoughts that anything could happen, she has had different tales about girls being raped by men who pledged to help them from her grandmother, she fear she could also be a victim of rape, many ungodly thoughts ran into her mind. The gateman was a young man in his early 20s, he is the comedian of the building, and he is naturally nice but sometimes serious.
The weather was so harsh; she feels the bloods in her body refuse to flow through her veins because her body has been iced. After many pleading and persuasions from the gateman, Nnena agreed to sleep inside the gateman cubicle, she prays her ignorance would lead her astray and she would also become a victim of rape.
“Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma was screaming and yelling her name throughout the building, she has searched the field where she commands Nnena to sleep, but she couldn’t hear any responds from anyone. She searched all the rooms in the house but she couldn’t find anyone that took after Nnena in appearance. She regrets sending Nnena out to sleep on the field. She fear Nnena could have sneaked out of the house. Mrs. Chioma opts for the gateman cubicle to ask him about Nnena’s where about. Mrs. Chioma sights Nnena coming out with the gateman from the gateman’s cubicle.
“Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed as she sight Nnena coming out with the gateman from the gateman’s cubicle.
What do you think will happen next?
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