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Thursday, 24 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode10 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Mother!” Obinna called in a very low tone why does she deserves all this tortures and maltreatment from you, she is trying hard to be loyal and faithful to you but you repay her kind attitudes with your evil doers. Do you want to kill her? Mother! I regret having you as a mother.” Obinna said weeping as he bangs out from the house.
Mrs. Chioma was shocked and dumbfounded, she didn’t expect his own son to talk to her in that matter, she try to came back from the dreamland but it was a reality. Nnena beauty has been blemished by beatings and wounds from the hot iron. Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka hatred for Nnena double-fold, Mrs. Chioma wish she could just kill her and opt her out from this innocent world but she remember the pastors’ warnings.
Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka never stops amercing, pillory, penalized and punishing Nnena in many vigorous ways, Obinna and the gateman can’t help her situation, she planned of running away but she was brothel to Mrs. Chioma. “She is a slave and she must remain a slave.” According to Mrs. Chioma’s statement and her statement is a nothing but truth. Her beauty has been spoiled, blemished and damaged by wounds from hot irons, hot water and cane. She was totally sick of living in the world, she has severally planned to poison herself or even commit suicides but her mother keep on appearing to her in her dreams telling her not to give up that she is always by her side. She would wept bitterly in dream and wake up with tears in her eyes, she wish she could have her mother embrace again and forever but her mother must remain a ghost.
Days turn to weeks; weeks swiftly eclipsed to months; months also do same to turn to years.
Chief Nnamdi (Mrs. Chioma husband) and Chinnedu (Mrs. Chioma first child) have all came back from their business trip and education trip respectively, they were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Chioma, Obinna, Nnena and the gateman, the immigrant were very happy to be back into their family, they have missed each other a lot, the gateman and Nnena imports the immigrants luggage’s into in house.
“Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed my name from the sitting room.
“Ma!” I answered her calling. I rush to the sitting room as fast as lightening with a soapy hand, Mrs. Chioma has instructed me that whenever she called me and I can’t meet up with her call within five seconds, she promise she will make-up for me in a very remarkable ways.
“Nnena.. This is my husband (pointing to Chief Nnamdi) and this is my son (pointing to Chinnedu), go and fetch them something to drink, they must be thirsty.” Mrs. Chioma said with a very cool voice.
Nnena rushed to the kitchen, she quickly washed her hand and head for the freezer, she rush to the sitting room with a tray of drink and two glass cup, she quickly serve Chinnedu who was busy chatting with his mother, Chinnedu doesn’t have time to look into the eyes of Nnena, he was totally carried away by the conversation he was having with his mother. Chinnedu was a young guy in his early 20s, he just completed his education in the United State of America as a Civil Engineer, and he took after Chief Nnamdi in appearance but vice-versa in behaviors.
Nnena walks to a stool behind the sofa, she serve Chief Nnamdi the drink, Chief Nnamdi raise her head to thank Nnena but he was shocked to see the appearance of that innocent girl, the cup he was holding fall from his hand as the drinks from the cup pour on the tiles.
“Who did this to you?” Chief Nnamdi screamed with anger and choler, his eyes were fury and rage with anger.
What do you think will happen next?
Your opinions are highly welcomed

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