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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Episode3 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Am very sorry my sister, I can’t allow you to stay with me… You know I love my privacy a lot and I can’t afford to jeopardize my lovely and happy life because of a family member. And beside I can’t afford to be feeding you and your daughter, and also shoulder your needs. I have pledged to take care of only myself and no one else. So please my sister, maybe you should look for your shelter elsewhere”. My mother immediate sister counterblast my mother pleading to provide us shelter for some time.
My mother was shocked and embarrassed by her sister shocking reply, I was also dumbfounded.
I knew Aunty Nneka (my mother’s immediate sister) to be very wicked and inhumane, she loved her privacy as she had said earlier, she is single, financially okay and she is living in a three bed-room flat, she works as a fashion designer and many people do patronize her shop because of her effiency
My mother portage her Ghana-Must-Go bag on her head, she told me to follow her, and I did as instructed as we shamble to another village.
(30 minutes later)
We got to another village, we pleaded for shelter from the villagers, but it seems they all don’t want to help.
“That is how Nduke the palm wine tapper allows a stranger to dwell in his house; he was later bankrupted by that stranger”. One of the villager echoes.
“Maybe this is the advanced method of kidnapping, am sorry o, I can’t allow you to live here o”. Another villager ripostes my mother begging.
“We don’t know the agents of the devil, it’s not written on their faces but they always look rough like you look”. A male villager replied sassing my mother’s pleading for shelter.
“You and Baba Eze have planned Right? He told me before he left this house today that he will make me to see what I won’t expect, so he told you to come here with his daughter and wait for him right? E no go better for you. Not in this house, before I count three and you are still here, I swear I will make you regret the day you were born into this world”. – A callous provision seller rejoined brutally.
“My husband married me legally, so there is no need for second wife here”. Another woman replied.
“Wait, am coming, let me go and tell my husband about this”. The woman only went in to come backwith a pot full of pepper water, yahhhha, the eagerly running pepper water echo loudly as it landed on our body.
All the villagers we beg for help from gave us annoying, pesky, bothersome, galling, vexatious, nettlesome, vexing, pestiferous, irritating replies, some even extend in stoning us, but what can we do? That is what we call life. Human beings are the greatest evils as my grandmother do tell me, but they are not to be blame, it is just that the bad people has influenced the good one.
“After a lengthy and fruitless search for shelter , we sighted an uncompleted building; we decided to rest for the night inside the building, we were very tired and hungry, my mother was mewling, I tried to console her, she was so embarrassed that day, she has never been that embarrassed in her life. My father’s death has caused the greatest destruction, devastation, annihilation, Holocaust, disaster and ruin to our guiltless life. Imagine, just a month and we are suffering from one physical and emotional trauma to another. What a shame! See what death has caused. I didn’t know when I fell into a deep slumber because I was very tired and weak.
(Light Out)
To be continues

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