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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Episode1 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

It was always a long journey from school to home. On that beautiful and lovely Tuesday afternoon, I was very tired and thirsty, so I sat down under a bamboo tree to rest a little. “What a beautiful and lovely day!” I exclaimed. The nature is dearly beautiful. The sun was so bright, shinning and sparkling. The breeze was so cool to the extent of defeating the sparkling sun. The leaves were dancing melodiously to the beats from the breeze. The ants were working happily on their anthills, same to the bees. The birds or the likes were chirping and singing beautifully. I prolonged my imagination by imagining how beautiful the word and its creatures are. “Life they say is touch and go”…………I remember my lovely grandmother who always narrates fairly tales and dawn stories to me. She once told me that ”Life they say is touch and go, some people you know may only be there for some time. Some may go away, but people who find you special will always find a way to stay”. That was one of her quote that stick to my brain before she became a ghost. “So my grandmother had a touch of life and passed on too, what a life of vanity”. I voiced out as I struggled to get back on my feet… “I pray my parent don’t go now” I conclude as I begin the second season of my journey home.
(Few minute later)
I got to my compound; I saw many strange and known faces. All faces were averting with teary eyes. I couldn’t fathom what had happened “What could have happened? Why all this strange faces with teary eyes in this compound” I thought, totally baffled. I mustered courage as I reluctantly barged into the house. I noticed my mother who was crying and weeping unceasingly, many sympathizers were with her, they were trying to console her “God knows why this had happened” my mother immediate sister said as she was trying to console her. “What may have happened here?” I thought, I still couldn’t fathom what was happening. “Please why is everyone crying and weeping?” I asked one of those sympathizers who was also sobbing.
“Your father was bitten by a snake in his farm and this result to his death because it was too late before he was taken to the native doctor”. The sympathizer replied as she burst into tears.
I couldn’t believe my ears, “What did you just say?” I asked the sympathizer again in disbelief. She narrates exactly what she just told me.“I can’t believe this” I said in a veragain tone. Father! I screamed. I was now the cynosure of all eyes in our compound. I slumped but graciously, some sympathizers were able to get hold of me. I was rushed to the village native doctor by some sympathizers. “The shock was too much for her age” the native doctor told the sympathizers that brought me to his house
Four hours later. The day is now eclipsing to dawn. I regain consciousness. I was convey back home by the male sympathizers, as the females sympathizers who escorted me to the doctor house head for their respective house, so as to be able to cook the dinners on time.
(Few minutes later)
I got into the house. All thanks to those people that convoy me, I meet my mother still weeping on the mystery death of my father. My grandmother once told me that “Snakes doesn’t fight or bite without the conscious of those evils one”. “Does that mean that someone deliberately sent a snake to kill my father, God but what must my father have done to that person that such person cannot forgive him or give my father minor punishment than the punishment of death”. I thought as tears flow freely from my eyes without any obstructions through my cheeks as my mother also pave way for more tears from her eyes, when she sight that I was also crying.
To be continue

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