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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

I FELL IN LOVE Episode 7

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She entered Emmanuel’s room and sat down quietly.
“Baby what is it, you don’t look OK”
“Nothing, I’m fine”
“You are not fine, what’s going on within you, you refuse to attend all the final year dinner parties, giving me excuses that you don’t feel like going for any outing. You are getting me worried, I’ve been trying to make you talk to me, but you refused to talk, you’ve stopped coming here too, I hardly see you this days. Please talk to me, did I do something wrong?”
“Emmanuel! I’m here to discuss some things I’m not proud of with you. First I’d like to thank you for your love and care ever since we started dating, I know your love for me is genuine and …..
“You don’t need to thank me, that’s my duty, you know I’ll go any length to please you and make you happy”
That sentence hit her like a blow.
“Emmanuel, I’m in love with someone else” She eventually spilled it out
“I don’t get you”
“I want us to end this relationship”
“Wemmy are you out of your mind, you want to end 2 years relationship after we have graduated, you know what if this is a joke please stop it already”
“I’m not joking, I’m in love with someone else”
“And who is the guy in question”
“Do you really have to know” She said trying to protect Feranmi
“I repeat, who is the guy” he said shouting this time
“Emmanuel please calm down, I know you are …
“Don’t you ever say my name, now start talking” he said raising his voice at her again.
“I’m sorry”
“I will ask you one more time and don’t you dare play dumb with me, who is the guy?”
“It’s Feranmi”
“Hold on a sec, is it the same Feranmi I know? Last time I checked, the Feranmi I know is my flatmate” he said calmly
She nodded in fear.
He laughed, and that scared her more.
“So you guys are even running things under my nose and I never smelt it”
“I’m sorry, it’s not what you think”
“How long! how long have you two been fooling me”
“Nobody is fooling you”
“You are screwing my flatmate behind my back and you said you are not fooling me, I thought you are different from the other girls Wemmy”
“So now I’m cheap because I’m following my heart” she said to herself, now crying.
“I did not cheat on you Emma …..”
With the look on his face she, remembered he told her not to say his name, so she swallowed the rest.
“It all make sense now, no wonder you stop me from touching you. So you enjoy him more right”
“Stop, please stop” she said firmly. I know you are hurt, like I said earlier I’m not proud of what I did, I’m sorry for breaking your heart but believe me I never slept with him, we kissed once and that was all”
“Liar” he shouted
“I think you should know me by now, if I tell you I didn’t do something, then you should know I did not”
The room was silent for about 10 mins.
“Wemmy! He broke the silence. Please don’t leave me, come back to me, I love you, I forgive you, you said you did not sleep with him, I believe you and I’ll assume the kiss was a mistake. Just stop whatsoever is going on between the two of you and come back to me”
“My mind is made up, my heart yearns for another”
“Where do you want me to start from, we are going for NYSC in few months time, I promise we’ll get married immediately after service, you know job is the least of my problem, I promise to take care of you and make you happy for the rest of my life”
“Emmanuel, you are a good man, a man any lady would wish for, but I’m sorry I can’t be with you while my heart is with someone else. Please let me go, you will find someone much more better than me, someone who truly deserve you”
She was about to open the door to leave when he held her hand, she saw pain in his eyes.
“Wemmy please don’t leave me”
“Emmanuel I have made up my mind, please let me go”
He opened the door for her and she left.
To be continued……………..

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