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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 35

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Feranmi cried, he wanted to pray but he couldn’t, he wanted to call his parents, parent in-laws, Nurse Angel since she’s not on duty to tell them the situation on ground. He brought out his phone to make those calls but he heard a voice that said
“They can’t help you, I’m the only one who can help you”
Immediately he changed his plans and put a call through to his Pastor. He assured him that he’s with him in Prayers.
Feranmi called his Pastor back 30 minutes later, His Pastor picked his call and Feranmi had people’s voices praying fervently for his wife and unborn child. He cut the call, lie down on the floor and wept. The whole of his Pastor’s household are praying for him.
He was praying silently on the floor when he heard a voice saying “Jeremiah 31:3” repeatedly. He was still trying to remember what that particular verse says, then he dozed off. He had another gentle voice in his sleep that said
“Feranmi ! I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness”
The Doctor’s voice brought him back as he called out his name.
“Mr Feranmi! Congratulations, you are now a father”
He stood up immediately and wipe the tears on his face with his palm
“Doctor how’s my wife”
“Your wife is alive, it’s a miracle”
“Thank you Jesus, he said lifting up his eyes to heaven. Thank you doctor”
He remembered the Doctor said he’s now a father.
“Doctor and the baby, is it a boy or a girl” he asked the doctor.
“Both” the Doctor said smiling
“Sorry, I don’t get you”
“Your wife gave birth to a set of twins. A boy and a girl”
Feranmi couldn’t believe his ears.
“Oh my God!, no wonder she refused to tell me”
“Your wife told me not to tell you, although scan just revealed it two months ago when she had complications the last time. It was that very day we discovered she was carrying twins”
“Really, I’m still trying to process this doctor”
Feranmi was over excited.
“Can I see them now?”
“Sure, you can”
“Thank you very much doctor”
He was directed to her ward.
There is hope for a tree if it be cut down, that it will sprout again and that the tender branches will not cease – Job 14:7
“Oluwawemimo …..” he called out as he approached her bed.
“Sweetheart …..” She smiled faintly, she was weak.
He hugged and kissed her forehead.
“Thank you for making me a proud father of twins, I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life. God bless the day I laid my eyes on you.” He hugged her and cried on her shoulder.
“Feranmi don’t cry the storm is over” she wiped his tears.
“You almost died, I was told to choose between you and the baby”
“I heard you told them to save me, I also begged them to save our babies and let me go. But here we are, God saved us all”
A nurse came in and brought the twins, she handed the babies to him, and he held them for the first time with great joy.
The nurse took the babies from him later and place them in the cot one by one.
Feranmi called his parent and parent in-laws and shared the news. He was about to call Nurse Angel when his friend/boss Segun’s call came through, he picked it immediately.
“Hello, you are one of the people I’m about to call, my wife just put to bed.”
“Wow! Congratulations are in order, A boy or girl?”
“Twins! I have another good news for you, remember the contract you bidded for when you are in Port Harcourt, the contract has been awarded to our company. We are to report in Abuja to sign some document, then we’ll be given a cheque to commence the project.”
“This is great news, I’m still finding it hard to believe”
“Feranmi, thank you for bringing great fortune to me and my company, we are partners now.”
“I should be the one to thank you, you held my hands in my trying times, you showed me this path, and I’m so grateful”
“Feranmi, hard work pays, you deserved it, you took my job as if it was yours, and that speaks for you. My regards to your wife, congratulations to both of you.”
He ended the call and another call came in.
“Hello Honourable”
“Hello, Feranmi I have good news, I just got you another contract, a private company here in Port Harcourt wants to have another branch in Lagos, Ibadan and Ogun States. They want to build the one in Lagos first. And the contract is worth billions of naira. Has your friend called?”
He couldn’t find his voice.
“Yes he has” he finally voiced out.
“The Port Harcourt contract has been awarded to his company, since we use his company’s name for that. But this other one is in your own name, have done all the necessary procedures. So you can now stand on your own if you feel like.”
“Thank you so much sir ….”
“I know you are still in shock, but that’s how God works, he opens doors where you least expected”
“How’s your wife?
“She just put to bed, I’m in the hospital”
“Wow! This is triple joy”
“No it’s quadruple, she had twins”
“Feranmi, your name must enter World Guinness book of records. Only you in one day? You are the luckiest man on planet earth”
“This can only be God, thank you so much sir, God has really use you for me and my family”
“All thanks to God, have you called Thessy?”
“No I will call her after this call”
“OK, my regards to your wife, I’ll call her later, she should be resting now. Bye”
He ended the call and bursted into tears of joy.
“God I never knew you would answer me this way”
“What’s going on” Wemmy asked
“Our children are blessings to us, they came and brought everything we needed to take care of them” he said
“Feranmi, you are still talking in parables”
He told her everything Segun and the Rep said on phone, Wemmy shed tears of joy.
“Oh Lord, I’m grateful, I’ll serve you for the rest of my days she said. She lifted up her voice and sang Lara George’s “Dansaki”
I’m acknowledging you for who you are. …… dansaki Re Baba.
She told Feranmi to hand the twins to her, Feranmi snapped them. Wemmy started chanting twins eulogy.
“Winini loju orogun
Eji woro loju iya e
Okan ni nba bi
Eji lowole tomiwa
Obesa bekiti
Obe si le alakisa
O so alakisa d’oni igba aso ……
“When did you learn that, I know it’s not my mum this time since she doesn’t know you’ll be having twins” he questioned
“I got it from the internet, the day I found out I was carrying twins, which I intentionally kept as a secret from you and I’m sorry but I don’t want to scare you. So you won’t run away” she said smiling.
“I will only accept your apology if you promise to teach me the twins eulogy too”
“I promise” she said
Wemimo I will spoil you and the twins rotten”
“Hmm, baba Olowo”
“Congratulations to us my love”
He sat with her on the bed, he carried one of the twins, Wemmy carried the other and they took their first family picture with his phone.

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