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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 34

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Feranmi was very helpful in the house, he does most of the chores. Wemmy is now on maternity leave.
Feranmi set up the nursery for the baby, the decoration was so beautiful, he filled it with nice toys. Wemmy loved it, the nursery was so inviting.
Wemmy also bought other necessary baby things in addition to what her husband bought.
Everything is going on well except for the fact that Wemmy refused to reveal the sex of the child to her husband.
“Wemimo, don’t I have the right to know the sex of my child”
“I told you it’s a girl”
“You only said it’s a girl because I said so”
“I’m not telling anybody the sex of my baby, I’m not like those celebrity that will start announcing there baby’s sex or do I look like Kim Kardasian?”
“I’m not anybody, I’m the father”
“I’m keeping it to myself. That’s the advantage of being the mother, maybe you should try to be a woman in your next life” she said teasingly.
“I know what to do, I’ll go see your doctor”
“Don’t bother, he won’t tell you, I already told him I want it to be confidential”
“He will tell me, I’m sure of that”
“Do you know what they call doctor- patient relationship, I’m the patient not you”
“I promise you I’ll tell this child everything you did to me”
“Sweetheart please don’t make me laugh, you want to report me to your baby”
“Sure I will”
“Eh Feranmi, I hope you are not like some men who abandoned their wife once they start having kids”
“You are right, I won’t even have your time again” he replied jokingly.
“So you will transfer all your love to the baby, right?”
“Hmm ! you need to see your face, I’m just joking. You know no one can take your place in my heart”heart”
“I pray o”
Its time to go to bed, let me help you up. He pulled her up gently and led her to the bedroom.
Wemimo is already in her late third trimester. She got a call from Thessy whose wedding is in a month’s time.
“Hi, politician’s wife”
“Hi you too, na you sabi”
“How’s the preparation going?”
“It’s going on well. I’m coming to Lagos next week, I’ll bring the aso ebi along”
“I’ll be expecting you girlfriend, my regards to your parent, siblings and KB”
“I will, bye..”
Later in the evening, Wemmy informed her husband that Thessy is coming to Lagos.
“Sweetheart, Thessy called she’s coming over this weekend to bring the aso ebi”
“I doubt if you can attend the wedding, you are heavy already” he said
“Have always dreamt of being her chief’s bride maid, this baby bump won’t make it possible” she said
“It’s not too late, you can still best her, that is if you are prepared to put to bed in front of the altar” he said jokingly.
“You are not serious, I even thought you have a better suggestion.”
The door bell rang, Feranmi went to get the door.
“Welcome to our humble home, he said hugging Thessy.
“Thank you” she replied smiling
“Thessy …… she called out loudly
“Wemmy! I never knew you are this heavy. Trust me you can’t make it to my wedding.
“Yes that’s your punishment for refusing to be my chief’s bride’s maid” she said and they both laughed.
The weekend was fun filled with Thessy around, in fact they slept together in the guest room. Feranmi missed his wife’s attention so much that he had to complain.
“Thessy when are you leaving?”
“Meaning” she already knows what he’s driving at.
“My wife did not have my time again o, Honourable is waiting for you in PH” he said jokingly.
“Endure it, don’t worry in two days, I’ll pack my bags”
“Fe…ran..mi, there’s love in sharing” Wemmy chip in.
“Clearly your husband don’t want to share o” Thessy said and they all laughed.
“I understand it’s been long you saw each other, but you guys have turned me into a bachelor again”
“Eh ya, sorry about that” You will soon have your wife to yourself”
That night,Thessy did not allow her to sleep in the guest room. Wemmy slept in their bedroom, she missed her husband too, it’s just so good to see Thessy again.
Thessy traveled back to PH two days later, Feranmi and Wemmy saw her off to the airport.
The couple was in the kitchen cooking when Wemmy suddenly called out.
“Feranmi! I think the baby is coming”
“My water just broke”
“OK, just relax, sit here I’ll be right back” he said and went straight to turn the gas off.
He went to the nursery to get the baby things and took his car keys.
Thirty minutes later, they were in the hospital and his wife was wheeled into the labour room. Feranmi sat down in the reception praying quietly. He checked his time it’s two hours already, he couldn’t call anyone because his stubborn wife already told him not to call anybody until she gives birth.
Although he likes the way they kept things to themselves, if not the pressure would have been much from family and friends.
Two hours later, one of the doctors came out to meet Feranmi, The doctor was sweating profusely.
“Mr Feranmi, things are not going on well in the labour room, but I promise you we’ll try our possible best”
“What exactly is going on doctor”
“That’s why I’m here, who do you want us to save, your wife or the baby?” The doctor asked.
“Are you seriously asking me that? Save my wife” he cried out.
“Calm down, we’ll save your wife then, if that’s what you want”
“He knelt down and held the doctor’s overall. “Please she’s my life she …. must … not …. die. I’m placing her life in God’s hands and yours, please save her”
The Doctor pulled him up gently and sat him down on a chair.
“Just keep on praying” he said and went back to the Labor room.

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