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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 33

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A week later, Feranmi said goodbye to PH finally, the project was a success, he was given three month and he did not exceed the time frame. By now he was convinced about going into construction business fully, anytime another opportunity knocked, he decided he would grab it.
Wemmy was happy to see her husband back home finally.
“Welcome home Sweetheart, I now have my husband to myself” she smiled.
“Yes I’m here now, full time husband” they both laughed.
He squatted and kissed Wemmy’s baby bump. Daddy is back little one, I can’t wait to meet you”
“Baby says welcome Daddy, can’t wait to meet you too” Wemmy replied holding her baby bump with both hands.
“That reminds me, what’s the sex of the baby”
“I’ll tell you later”
“Why later”
“Which one do you want, a boy or girl”
“A girl”
“Then it’s a girl” she said laughing
“Be serious naau …. at least I will know what to buy for the baby.
“I’m serious it’s a girl she said still laughing. Tada! food is ready, let me serve you”
Few hours later, Sophia showed up, She was so happy to see the couple’s.
“See my ba…by” Wemmy hugged her.
“Good to see you ma”
“Same here, how’s studies and the whole of UI?”
“Fine, I really miss the both of you. Uncle Feranmi” She called out immediately he came out of the room, she hugged him.
“See big girl, very soon we’ll be preparing for wedding”
Feranmi said hugging her back.
“Abi o, this is your house, so make yourself comfortable” Wemmy added and showed her to the guest room.
That evening, Wemmy went to Sophia’s room, they chatted for a while, Wemmy also gave her the gist about Emmanuel and Nurse Angel. Sophia was shocked when Wemmy revealed everything to her.
Feranmi paid Emmanuel and his wife a visit the next day, to show his appreciation. He had to go alone since Wemmy can’t move about for now.
The couple welcomed him well. Finally he met the great, loving and accomodating Nurse Angel.
Days later, Sophia met Nurse Angel when she visited Wemmy at home. Sophia really liked her, she’s very accommodating, she treated her like she knew her for long.
That very week, Wemmy and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary on a low key with few family and friends, Richard his best man and his wife, Emmanuel and his wife included. Sophia too was still around, Their Pastor and one or two Church members were present.
The party was more like a reunion. Sophia was looking so beautiful in her royal blue gown, she noticed a guy who had eyes on her ever since the party started. Before the party ended the guy walked up to her.
“Hello, I’m Alex” he said stretching his hand for a handshake.
“Sophia” She accepted the hand shake of him”
“I like your dress”
“I can see you are related to the couple”
“Hmm, yes”
“I came with my sister and her husband, they are friends to the couple”
“Ok, hope you enjoyed the party?”
“Sure I did”
“Alex where is your sister?”
Emmanuel walked up to him. “It’s time to leave”
“Uncle Emmanuel!”
“Sophia! I’ve been seeing you around since the party started, well done.
“Thank you sir”
“I’m glad you still stick around. How are you doing?”
“I’m fine sir”
“How’s studies?”
“Fine,thank you sir”
“Do you too know each other”
“No, they both chorused”
“We met here, I’m just saying hi” Alex explained.
“Uncle Emmanuel, let me call your wife, I know where she is” she excused herself.
“Alex …. you like her right? Be careful she’s the apple of Wemmy’s eyes”
“Nothing like that”
“She said she’ll join you soon”
“Thanks Sophia, I’ll be in the car Alex”
“After you brother in-law”
“You are Nurse Angel’s …. or let me say Aunty Praise’s younger brother”
“Yes I am”
“That’s good, please I have to attend to somethings”
Sophia turned back to take her leave, when he called her.
“Sophia please wait”
“Yes, you want something?”
“Can we be friends, I just like you”
“Can I have your number, please …”
“You can have it”
They both exchanged numbers before he left.
Later that night in their bedroom, Feranmi brought out the gift he got for his wife, it was a gold necklace.
“Wow! This … is … beautiful, thank you”
“I got you something too”
“Wemimo, a Rolex wristwatch, thank you. I love you so much, happy wedding anniversary to us” he said kissing her.
“I love you too, We’ll celebrate many more of this by God’s grace”
“Amen, I doubt if I can still carry you, you are so heavy now, I’m even scared to touch you right now”
“I’m I that heavy, who made me like this in the first place?” She hit him on the chest lightly.
“I’m sorry my baby, I wish I could help you carry the baby, but men are not wired to do so”
“Feranmi, my legs are aching”
“Sorry, it’s the stress. Lie down and let me massage them”
He opened the locker and brought out a balm.
“Whao, your hands are soothing, thanks”
“It’s my duty, you dont have to thank me. Baby I wish I could give you the whole world. I’m sorry my love you deserve more than this, I reserved most of the money I made in Port Harcourt for the baby.
The hospital delivery fees, baby things, christening and all that. But I promise we’ll celebrate it bigger than this next year, he explained while massaging her.
At least you won’t be pregnant next year” They both laughed.
“I’m not complaining, I like the fact that the party was just a small gathering, at least it helped cut cost as well, plus the last thing I needed now is crowd”
She yawned and slept off while Feranmi was still massaging her. He noticed she has stopped talking, and realized she was asleep. He placed her well on the bed and tucked the pillows for her where necessary especially her back. He settled beside her watching her sleep. The first year has been rough but here they are with their love waxing stronger.

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