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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 32

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Three weeks later, Wemmy was about to sleep at night when she discovered she’s having contractions accompanied with pains, she wondered what was going on because she still have like two months before her due date.
Before she knew what was going on, the pain had aggravated. There was no neighbours to call upon, their flat is the only building in the compound. She thought of calling her parents but she knew they will be scared to death especially her mom who is hypertensive.
“Feranmi …. Feranmi I need you” She cried in pain. She remembered Her husband can’t help, will he fly down here from PH. God please help me …..” She corrected herself.
Then she remembered Nurse Angel, She decided on calling her. Nurse Angel was already asleep when she called, her phone’s ringtone woke her up. Emmanuel was still awake, he checked the caller ID
“Honey it’s Wemmy” he passed the phone over to her.
She checked the time, it’s 11pm. “By this time, I hope she’s fine” She picked the call.
“Hello, are you OK?”
“I’m not, I need your help” she said in pain.
“Just hold on a little for me, I’ll be right there. Take a deep breath and calm down, all will be well” She disconnect the call, jumped out of bed and dashed to her closet to change from her night dress.
“What happened, is she ok?” Emmanuel asked.
“I think she has complications” she replied.
“How far is she gone?”
“28 weeks”
“Let’s go I’ll drive you”
“You are going in your pjamas?”
“Oh! Give me a minute, let me change”
“Let me check on our son while you are at it”
They left almost immediately.
Emmanuel drove as fast as he could just to get there on time. His wife was just watching him in amazement. She could see fears in his eyes.
They got to her house and find there way into the flat, Emmanuel carried her into the car, they headed straight to the hospital. On their way to the hospital, Nurse Angel made some calls to inform her doctor that they are bringing her to the hospital.
Wemmy was lying on the back seat crying in pain. Nurse Angel held her and tried to comfort her.
“Please Wemmy don’t push, it’s not yet time, So just hold it in there”
“Ok, I won’t, but I’m tired, God please help me, I need your strength”
The Nurses on night duty brought out a stretcher and wheeled her into the Emergency room. The doctor was already around and they attended to her immediately.
Emmanuel stayed at the reception while her wife followed the doctors.
“God please save her, you did not make us meet again just to see her dead” he prayed silently.
His wife came out to join him later. She saw him pacing up and down the hall way.
“Honey calm down she’ll be fine, the doctors are attending to her already”
“Has the pain reduced?”
“Everything is under control, I’m going back to join them”
Two hours later, Nurse Angel came out of the ER
“She’s stable now” she informed her husband.
“Thank God”
“You still care about her, and I’m happy you are not holding the past against her” She said
“I’m sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable”
“Uncomfortable! not at all. I see her has my sister”
“Thanks for your understanding, can I see the doctor?”
“Yes, he’s in his office”
He went to the doctor’s office, while his wife went to check on Wemmy.
“Good evening doc”
“Good evening Sir, thanks for your help, I heard you brought in my patient”
“Yes, she’s family, what’s her condition now?”
“She’s much better, she had early contraction. This normally happens to first time mom, it’s a false labour. But we have been able to stop the labour. We also took an ultrasound scan to check the baby’s condition. Luckily the baby is fine. She’s on IV fluid now, all she needs now is bed rest for few days.
“Thank you doctor, can I see her now?”
“Yes you can”
He went to her ward, his wife was already with her.
“How are you feeling now” he asked Wemmy
“Better, thanks so much Emmanuel, thank you Nurse Angel, you saved my life”
“You don’t need to thank us, all thanks to God” Nurse Angel replied her.
“What about your son, did you leave him all alone in the house?”
“No, my younger brother is around, so I left him with his Uncle” Nurse Angel replied.
“Wemmy you need to call your husband and inform him”
“No need for that, I’m fine, I don’t want him rushing down here since he’s coming back home finally by next week”
“You still have to tell him”
“Honey! She’s right, there’s no point making him rush down here since she’s now stable”
“But she can’t go back to the house all alone” he replied his wife.
“I will call my Mum, she’ll stay with me till my husband comes back”
“That idea is better, I don’t want you all alone in that house again, not in this condition of yours” he said firmly.
“Thanks Emmanuel, I won’t be alone, don’t worry”
It’s 2am already, The couple can’t go back home, they won’t open the gate of their estate until 5am. They had to stay till dawn. Hours later Emmanuel checked his time, it’s 4:30 am.
“Ok, we have to leave now, we’ll check on you in the morning”
“Honey, I’ll stay you can just go ahead, today is my off day. I will wait till her mum gets here in the morning”
“OK, Wemmy I will check on you later in the morning”
“Honey, when you are coming please help me bring a flask and beverages, we can get hot water from here”
“Alright then, any other thing, don’t you need a change of clothes?”
“Yes, if we need any other thing I’ll give you a call?”
“See you two later, Wemmy please try and relax you need lots of rest”
“Sure, I will, thanks once again”
“Bye Honey, drive safe”
“I will”
He hugged his wife before leaving.
Wemmy told Feranmi later that day, what happened to her.
“Wemmy, you’ll see me first thing tomorrow morning”
“Don’t come, I said I’m fine now, moreover my Mom is here”
“I can’t wait till next week?”
“You have to, there’s nothing to worry about, my mom will stay with me till you come back”
“Ok, if you insist. That reminds me, Sophia called she’s coming next week.
“Are they on break?”
“Yes, she said she called you earlier but you did not pick the call
Nurse Angel just brought my phone, we left it in the house last night, I’ll call her back later, she won’t allow me make calls now, I’m only permitted to call you”
“She’s right you need a lot of rest. I’ll call my parents too, they will check up on you later”
“Mummy will be surprised o, because she called me yesterday morning and I was doing fine then”
“One more thing next week is our wedding anniversary” he informed
“That’s true, it’s already a year! we thank God. I’ll make necessary arrangements when I’m back but that depends on how strong you are”
“I will be back on my feet before next week, but don’t make it elaborate o”
“Trust me not in your condition, just family and few friends”
“Pass the phone to Mummy let me talk to her”
He also talked to his Mother in-law, he thanked her for her help. Wemmy’s mum assured him his wife is OK and she’ll stay with her till he comes back.
Feranmi ask his wife to send Emmanuel and Nurse Angel’s phone numbers to him so that he could thank them also.
Some minutes later she sent the numbers.
He dialed one of the numbers Wemmy sent.
“Hello Emmanuel, this is Feranmi on the line”
“Feranmi, how are you doing, how’s Port”
“Port is fine, I’m good. I called to thank you, thank you very much for your help, I’m very grateful. You and your wife really amazed me, I can’t thank you both enough”
“Feranmi let’s just thank God, Wemmy is like a family to me now. You need to see the bond between her and my wife”
“I really need to meet that wife of yours, she’s one of a kind”
“She really is, I heard you are coming back next week”
“Yes, but I pray I can hold on till next week before seeing her”
“Just take your time, your wife is much better now and her mum too is around, and trust her Nurse turn friend, she won’t leave her side”
“Emmanuel, I never thought a day like this will come, I mean we coming together like this. Should I call it fate or what”
“You better get use to the reunion because that wife of mine, will make sure of that” he said and they both laughed.
“I’ll give her a call too, I’ll see you when I’m around”
“Alright, bye “ The line went off.
Feranmi called Nurse Angel almost immediately pouring out his grateful heart.

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