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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 31

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Feranmi went home that very weekend. He came in early on Saturday morning. Wemmy gave him a warm welcome.
She was in a happy mood and he did not want to ruin it, he decided to tell her everything in the evening.
“Feranmi tell me you are joking, are you really going back tommorow morning?”
“I’m serious, my hands are really tight, if I don’t leave tommorow morning, it will affect Monday’s work. I have just one month left to wrap up things” he explained.
Later in the night, he narrated everything that transpired between him and Sewa.
“Feranmi, would you have told me if Thessy was not in the picture?”
“Sure I will, you know I don’t keep secrets from you”
She sat on the chair, head bow with her two hands placed on her forehead.
“Do you still love her?” she asked
“Are you really asking me if I love her, I can’t believe this is coming from you”
“You still haven’t answered my question”
“Since you were the one who deflowered her, she might still have a place in your heart”
“Then permit me to say that Emmanuel still have a place in your heart too. At least, he deflowered you”
She smirked. “You know that fact is baseless, so come up with something better my husband”
“Wemmy you met your ex and you even went to his house and I never complained, because I trusted you, now instead of me getting the same level of trust from you, what did I get?”
“Don’t you dare turn this on me, this is a different case entirely” she flared up.
“First of all, Emmanuel is married, your ex is not. Secondly, Emmanuel is not interested in me while your ex clearly does. And to crown it all I asked for your permission before paying his family a visit. While you, you on the other hand, saw your ex, hopped into her car and allowed her take you to where you stay, all this without my own consent”
“And that was the only mistake I made here”
“No! That was not the only mistake you made, she took you home, visited you twice and you never mentioned it. Not for once Feranmi” she shouted
“Calm down, is that my offence?”
“That is your offence, why did you hide it from me, I thought we use to talk about everything”
“I did not say a word because of your condition”
“What stupid condition is that? I’m pregnant not hypertensive” she flared up again. You know what, this conversation is over, good night”
“Wemmy!! Has it come to this”
He tried all possible means to plead with her, but all his plea fell on deaf ears.
They slept like strangers that night. The worst part is that he had to leave early the next day.
He woke up next morning, took his bath and packed his bag.
“Baby I’m leaving” he said tapping her.
She did not respond.
“I know you are awake Wemimo”
Still no response. He took his bag and made to leave the bedroom.
“Safe journey” She said
“Please take good care of yourself, I’ll talk to you later” He left the room and set for his journey.
She was not happy, that was the first time they had a heated argument. She cried when he left, she knew deep down in her heart that Feranmi has long forgotten about Sewa, Sewa was his past and past she’ll be. She find it hard to believe that her marriage was threatened by another woman, she was so scared and imagined what would have happened if Thessy did not show up that very day.
“What if Thessy did not show up, will he give in, she wondered, but she trusted Feranmi, he won’t do it” She concluded.
She left the bed lazily and started preparing for Sunday service. She came back from church and she saw miss calls from Feranmi. She was still contemplating whether to call him back or not when he called back.
“Hi baby”
“How was service?”
“Good, where are you now”
“We are still in Benin”
“Ok, safe journey”
“Babe I’m sorry about last night”
“It’s OK, I’m sorry for shouting at you”
“You don’t sound as if it’s OK, if you are like this, you know I won’t be able to concentrate when I get to PH”
“Just give me little time, I can’t pretend I’m fine right now”
“Baby I miss your smile, I did not even get to hold you before I left, you shut me out completely”
“Sorry about that”
“We’ll talk better when I get to Port Harcourt, I love you so much my Queen”
“I love you too, take care”
“You too, say hi to my baby for me, I’ll miss you both.
“Ok, later” She ended the call and went to the kitchen to fix herself lunch. After taking lunch she called Thessy to thank her personally for looking out for her husband.
“Hi Thess, Happy Sunday”
“Same here dear”
“Feranmi told me the drama that happened in his apartment in PH and I was told you were in the film”
“Don’t mind that home wrecker jare”
“I was told you slapped her”
“You are welcome dear”
“I did not say thank you” she reminded her.
“You don’t need to say it out loud” she said laughing.
“You are not serious“ she smiled
“Don’t mind me, I needed to slap her back to factory settings” They both laughed.
“Thanks for having my back”
“Hmm, you just thanked me”
“Yes, you deserve a trophy”
“So how are you and Feranmi”
“Ehmm, we are good” she lied. She has vowed never to involve a third party in her marriage especially when there is a misunderstanding.
“Good, take care of yourself”
“I will bye”
Feranmi called late in the evening when he got to PH. Wemmy thanked God silently for the safe journey.
Some days later, Wemmy and her husband finally settled there misunderstanding over the phone. Wemmy was not actually fighting with him, she just wanted to punish him for keeping Sewa’s issue from her. Feranmi realized his mistakes and promised never again to keep anything from her.

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