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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 29

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“How will I explain all this to my wife, I guess I’m in trouble” he said to himself.
He checked his broken phone again, he tried to put it on it but to no avail.
He thought of ways to reach her, people don’t run call centers again.
He decided to go to one of his neighbours, there is this young guy next door. He checked on the guy but unfortunately he’s not in. He felt bad that he won’t get to speak with his wife that evening. He’s very sure his wife will be trying his line by now.
“How will I reach Wemmy this night” he thought within himself.
He went back to his room, laid on his bed. Flashes of the drama that happened earlier kept on coming unconsciously. Scenes of his phone being smashed against the wall, Thessy’s slaps and all, kept on replaying in his head.
He never imagined he could found himself in such an awkward situation. That’s one of the disadvantages of living separately with one’s spouse. One thing is sure, Sewa can’t have the effrontery to come to his matrimonial home to pull all those stunts she pulled earlier”.
He just hope she forget about him and changed for better.
Wemmy has been trying her husband’s line, but it’s not connecting, she decided to call Thessy since she told her she’ll be visiting him that very day.
“Hello Thessy, I’m sorry to disturb you. Were you able to make it to Feranmi’s place today?”
“Yes I left few hours ago, any problem?”
Thessy watched her words trying not to slip.
“I’ve been trying his line, but it’s not connecting”
“That’s true his phone is kind of faulty”
“How come, we still talked in the afternoon”
“You know all this smart phones, once they drop on the floor they start developing faults, don’t worry he’s fine ehn”
“Alright, thanks. How’s Honorable doing, I mean your KB” she said teasingly.
“My KB is fine o, thanks.
“Good night sis, have a good night rest”
“You too sweetheart, good night”
She ended the call and her mother in-law’s call came through. She asked after her and the baby, she also spoke with her Father in-law too. She thanked them for checking on her.
The next Morning, Wemmy was already running late for her antenatal clinic, she overslept. She dressed up hurriedly and left the house. Luckily for her, Nurse Angel was on duty.
“Good morning my wife”
“Good morning sister in-law”
“Hope you slept well”
“Sure I did, how’s family?”
“We bless God, hope you are hearing from your hubby”
“Yes, he’s doing great, thanks.
After exchanging pleasantries. Nurse Angel settled down to take Wemmy’s vital signs. While she was at it, her phone rang.
“Please excuse me, let me pick this call”
“No problem”
“That’s my husband who called, he’s on his way here, he has fever and needs to see a doctor”
“Are you not a nurse? Why can’t you treat him at home”
“It’s against the ethics of our job, we can’t treat our families, especially our dear ones”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, I don’t even treat my son, I can only give first aid, then bring him to see a doctor afterwards”
“And why is that?”
“Medically, it is believed that emotions can make you make the wrong calls in the course of treating your loved ones”
“I think I agree to that”
“Here he comes” Nurse Angel stood up to acknowledge her husband’s presence.
“I can’t believe this, is this your husband?” Wemmy asked
“Yes he is, you know him?”
“Yes we know each other”

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