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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 28

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Two weeks later, Sewa showed up again at Feranmi’s apartment. He was actually expecting Thessy, she had called earlier that she will stop by in the evening.
“Sewa, I’m expecting someone, you can’t show up at my door steps anytime you feel like. Courtesy demands you inform me first”
“Leave all this formalities, moreover I thought you’ll need company since you are new around here” she stood up and walk up to him seductively trying to kiss him.
“Sewa! What’s the meaning of this, please you need to leave, like right now”
“I still love you”
“Love my foot, Sewa leave before I throw you out” he said firmly.
“Feranmi remember where we are coming from” she said with pleading eyes. How we started, I gave you my all, my everything, my virginity ….
“Stop! Don’t you dare play that card with me, you gave me your virginity to tie me down, while you went around sleeping with other guys. The good news is that we are even …, because you took my virginity too if there is anything like that for a guy” he spat
“Feranmi I ….
He raised his ring finger to her face.
“I think you are forgetting something here”
“That you are married?”
“Yes happily married”
“I’m not asking you to leave your wife, at least she’s not here, I can just fill her gap or don’t you miss having a woman around you”
“Sewa I can’t do it, don’t you get it”
“She won’t find out, she can be the Lagos wife and I’ll be here for you in PH” Feranmi laughed
“Sewa you are funny, hold on a sec. Do you have to stoop so low. You want to be the other woman?”
“I don’t mind as long as I have you”
“I’m very sorry, you got the wrong guy. I’m my father’s son and we don’t do two women. Sewa I won’t commit adultery with you, you want to know why? I love God, I love my wife and I love myself because he who commit adultery sin against his own body”
“Really, is that how you want to play it” She pushed him hard and he landed on the bed. Before he could say Jack, she had already pounced on him, this caught him unaware, he continued struggling just to break free from her.
“Sewa stop, don’t make me hurt you, just let go of me”
Thessy heard voices in the room, she knocked, but no one heard her knock, due to the argument going on. She wanted to wait outside for a while but curiosity got the better part of her. She flung the door open and met a lady on top of Feranmi.
“What’s going on here?”
“Thessy please it’s not what you think, he said pushing Sewa away from him forcefully.
“Feranmi who is this?”
“She’s my ex, but trust me there’s nothing between us”
“Wait! I know this face in UI – Sewa!”
“Thessy what’s up” she said eyeing her
“You know her?” Feranmi asked
“Yes, she’s a friend to one of my room mates in 300level” Thessy replied
“So you are his mistress?” Sewa asked facing Thessy.
“Oh you even knows he’s married, so why are you here? home wrecker”
“Did you just call me a home wrecker?”
Feranmi’s phone rang, Sewa took it and smashed it against the wall out of annoyance.
“Sewa do you have to do this? He checked the phone and it was broken.
She ignored him and faced Thessy.
“I’m here to get back what belong to me”
“If you think he’ll leave his wife for you, then you are more delusional than I thought”
“Thessy, stay out of this, it’s non of your business”
“Do you just say it’s non of my business. F-Y-I, he’s my best friend’s husband”
“And so, we should now run away?”
Thessy moved closer to her and gave her two resounding slaps that threw Sewa off balance.
“You really have no damn shame, do you?”
Feranmi tried to stop her but it was too late.
“The first slap is for you trying to seduce him and the second is for my best friend”
She carried her bag and headed towards the door.
“Thessy!” Feranmi called out.
“I’ll be waiting outside, you think I’ll leave this thing here, no way. I will come in when she leaves” she replied and dashed out of the room.
“Sewa, when did you become like this? See what the bad company you kept back then has turned you into.”
“I warned you then but you never listened and that was the reason why I left. Sewa see your life, you need help, at your age you are not even think of settling down.
What can that Senator offer you, order than money, highest you’ll end up being his baby mama. Can money buy you a good man, happy home and kids.
Think Sewa, think and forsake this bad ways of yours. Stop going after other people’s husband, you are beautiful enough for any guy to notice you.
I can’t offer you anything, I’m happily married and expecting a child soon. I’m saying all these for old times sake, please think about it and change your ways. I want to see you in the nearest future and be happy”
She carried her bag in tears and left without saying a word.
Thessy came in immediately she left.
“Feranmi call your wife and tell her everything that happened here today, please don’t make me do it for you”
“Trust me Thessy, I’ll tell her everything but not over the phone. You know her condition”
“Fine, I agree”
“Thank you”
“Do you remember what I told you when you started dating my friend?”
“I remember”
“And I mean it, if you hurt Wemmy, be prepare to answer to me”
“Thessy don’t you believe me, there is nothing between me and Sewa”
“I believe you, but be more careful next time, girls like that can be dangerous”
“I will, I promise”
Thessy left and Feranmi was all alone again.

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