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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 27

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The next day Wemmy went to the hospital. A beautiful Nurse in her late twenties attended to her. She’s popularly called Nurse Angel in the hospital. Wemmy explained everything to the nurse as she took her vital signs.
“You are a first time mom right?” Nurse Angel asked.
“Yes” she replied
“It happens like that once in a while, I experience something like this during my first pregnancy too”
“Is that so”
“Don’t worry, the doctor will attend to you very soon”
The doctor attended to her some minutes later. She took an ultrasound scan to check the baby’s condition.
“As you can see from the monitor, your baby is doing fine. Just eat well and stay hydrated”
“Thank you doctor, I was scared to death last night. Thank you very much”
“You are welcome, have a nice day”
“You too doc”
She went to the Nurses’s station and thank the friendly Nurse she met earlier.
She called her husband and explained to him that their baby is fine.
Feranmi came back from work around 7pm, he was in his kitchen preparing his dinner when he had a knock on his door.
He was not expecting anyone, maybe it’s one of his neighbours he guessed.
He answered the door and beheld her Ex, radiating in all her glory, dressed seductively.
“Won’t you let me in?”
“I wasn’t expecting you”
“Do I need to call before coming, please stop being formal with me”
“Come in”
“I came to check a friend who lives very close to this place and I decided to check on you”
“Thanks for checking on me”
“But I’m kind of busy now”
“No problem, like I said I’m just passing by, I’ll see you some other time” she said and took her leave.
“What exactly does she want from me for God sake, if she thinks I’m going to have anything to do with her, then she’s joking. If I could overcome the temptations I faced during my service year or even stayed for two years and five months without sex then I bet I can never give in to your seductions Sewa” he said to himself and returned back to his cooking.
Days later, Wemmy went for her antenatal clinic, she met Nurse Angel she was on duty too. She thanked her for the other time. After the clinic she sat at the reception waiting for the sun to go down a bit before going home.
Nurse Angel’s shift was over. She was about leaving when she sighted her patient Wemmy.
“You are still around? Or you want to see the doctor” Nurse angel asked.
“No I want this sun to go down a bit before leaving”
“You didn’t come with your car?”
“Yes, my car developed fault this morning, so I took a cab down here” she explained.
“I’m through with my shift, can I give you a ride?”
“No you don’t have to do that, after a long day? Thanks for the offer all the same”
“You did not ask but I’m willing to help”
“I don’t want to stress you”
“Stress me, she said and pulled her up from the sit gently”
They got to the parking lot and she was surprised at her car.
“Is this your car?” Wemmy asked
“Yes, it’s mine”
“I never knew Nurses are this rich, Toyota Rav4 2015 model?”
“Actually it’s a gift from my husband, He got it for me on my last birthday”
“That’s nice, I hope the other Nurses don’t envy you much”
“You can say that again”
They entered into the car and she zoomed out of the hospital premises.
On there way to Wemmy’s house they talked and get to know little about each other.
Wemmy told her that her husband is not in town that she is staying alone for now, although she’s now used to it.
Nurse Angel too informed her that her husband and his family doesn’t want her to work, they believed she did not need the money since she has everything she needed at her disposal, but she can’t quit her job because of the passion she has for Nursing.
Wemmy adviced her not too quit her job, she explained that no matter how rich the husband is, every woman must work.
Women should be an asset not a liability. Women too should pursue their dreams and be successful in their various fields.
“How can a good and competent Nurse like you just quit, society needs people like you in our health system” she stated her honest opinion
After all their discussions in the car, Nurse Angel liked her more. She dropped her off in front of her house, they exchanged phone numbers before she left. Wemmy called Nurse Angel in the evening.
“Hello Nurse Angel”
“Hello, I was about calling you too”
“I called to say thank you for the ride, that was so kind of you”
“You are welcome”
“Seriously I don’t know a nurse can be so nice to a patient like this”
“Nurses are nice and you are one patient that doesn’t look down on Nurses too, I see the way you relate warmly to other nurses and that actually drawn me to you”
“Really so some patient are rude”
“Yes especially the rich ones, they look down on nurses, they only respect the doctors”
“That’s bad”
“So hope you are not feeling lonely?”
“Not really”
“Has your car been fixed?”
“Not yet, is still in the mechanic workshop, but he promised to bring it back in two days time.
“Ok, Have you eaten?”
“Yes I have, thanks. Everybody calls you Nurse angel, is that your real name?”
“No, one of my patients gave me that name, and the name has stucked ever since then, before I knew it everybody in the hospital now calls me Nurse Angel” she explained.
“That’s sweet”
“My name is Praise, I’m Deltan but I married Yoruba”
“Really, that means you are my wife then”
“Yes o, sister in-law” they both laughed.
“In fact I told my husband about you, Nurse Angel”
“Really, me too” she smiled.
“I have to go now, good night my wife”
“Good night sister in-law, its fun speaking with you”
“Same here, see you next clinic” She ended the call.
“I don’t know why I just love her” Nurse Angel said to her husband after dropping the call.
“Your patient has now turn to your sister in-law? Women!”
“She’s Yoruba, she called me her wife”
“So every Yoruba woman is now your sister in-law, you are funny”
“No o, she’s just different”
“Anyway I love the way you relates with your patients, I love your kind heart and that’s why I love you” he said with a kiss.
“I love you too darling. It’s time to go to bed”
“Ok, I’ll join you shortly”

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