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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 26

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“Sewa! Wow you are the least person I expected to meet in this city” he gave her a side hug.
“Hi, Ex boyfriend. How are you doing?” she said smiling.
“‘I’m good and you?”
“I’m doing well”
“So when did you become a Port Harcourt girl?”
“I served here, and ever since then I’ve been around”
“That’s great”
“What are you doing here in PH too, cause the last time I checked, you are a Lagos boy”
“I still stay in Lagos, my family is in Lagos. Duty calls and that’s why I’m here”
“Where do you work”
“I work with a construction company”
“And you?”
“I run a boutique and a salon”
“That’s good” He checked her ring finger and noticed it’s not carrying a wedding band”
“I’m still single” she said
“I’m sorry you caught me, but why are you still single, I use to think you’d be married with kids by now”
“Not at all, but I’m seeing someone presently, he’s a Senator and we already have plans”
“Hmm, I wish you all the best”
“It’s nice seeing you again, I need to run now” he said trying to stop a taxi in front of the mall”
“I came in my car, let me give you a ride”
“That won’t be necessary, I’ll find my way”
“I insist, you don’t have to act like we are strangers”
“Let’s go, my car is over there” she said pointing to her car.
Feranmi followed her quietly into the car.
“Toyota Corolla 2015 Model! Senator’s money speaking” he said to himself.
“So where’s do you stay?”
“Rumuola, you can just drop me by the bus stop, my house is not far from there” he replied
“Don’t worry, I’m not complaining, just give me directions to your house from Rumuola. Let me be your chauffer for today”
Now Feranmi didn’t like this, but he didn’t want to embarrass her by refusing her offer. He doesn’t want anyone to know where his staying, not even Sewa. He wants to live a very quiet life in PortHarcourt.
Sewa dropped him off and headed back to her own house.
Seeing Feranmi again brought back memories, she should be his Mrs now, if not for what happened back then in school that made him break up with her.
Feranmi was her first love, the one she gave her virginity to and ever since he adored her. He adored her so much that she thought she could get away with anything. She remembered how committed he was to their relationship before she ruined it.
He loved, respected and cared for her back then. She believed there is still a place for her in his heart. Although she doubt that, because Feranmi has always been a one woman guy. But she believes there is no harm in trying.
She envied his wife who now gets all his love, care and attention. She decided to pay him a surprise visit anytime soon, thank God she now knows where he’s staying.
Wemmy put a call through to his husband in the evening. He noticed she sounded disturbed on phone.
“What’s bothering you my love”
“Hmm … nothing”
“And you expect me to buy that? I know you inside out, what’s the problem”
“Don’t worry, I’d rather not bother you”
“You have someone you want to bother aside me”
“Sweetheart, my baby is not kicking”
“When did you noticed that”
“I wasn’t feeling any movement in my tummy since morning”
“Maybe it’s normal, for the baby not to kick once in a while”
“I don’t think so, we are told in antenatal clinic that a pregnant woman should have 10 or more kicks in two hours”
“Just relax Wemmy …..
“Feranmi not even the gentle fluttering feelings I use to have. I pray my baby is ok.”
“You know what, just calm down, go to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning to see your Ob/gyn”
“I will, that was my plan too, thanks. How’s work today?”
“Fine, please don’t stress yourself, take plenty of water and sleep early”
“Ok, I miss you”
“I miss you too. Good night baby, I love you”
“I love you too, good night”
He wanted to tell her about Sewa, but he decided not to because of her condition.

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