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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 24

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A month later, Feranmi traveled down to Lagos to see his wife. He took the night bus on Friday night, he got to Lagos park before 6am and took a cab straight home.
Wemmy was so happy, they are happy to see each other, one month was like six months apart.
“Look at you, you look so beautiful, I can’t remember the last time I saw a beautiful pregnant woman” he said sizing her up.
“Really, I’ll take that as a compliment”
“See the way your skin is shinning, I doubt if someone is missing me at all”
“Of course I miss you, let’s just say it’s God’s grace that is making me shine”
She prepared his favorite food, they ate breakfast together.
“I think I need my wife now” he said pulling her closer to him on his side of the bed”
“I’m all yours”
“I miss you my baby, your touch, your kiss, every…thing” he said touching her soft spots and her body came alive.
He made love to her and it was wonderful. He slept afterwards, Wemmy left the bedroom so he could relax, he needed rest, PH to Lagos is a long journey. He woke up an hour later and joined his wife in the sitting room. He handed a plastic bag to her.
“Here, I got you something”
“Wow! That’s thoughtful of you, thanks”
She opened the plastic bag inside was two beautiful maternity gown and a pair of brown sandal that matches one of the gown.
“Sweetheart this is lovely, thanks so much, God bless you more”
“You don’t have to thank me, anyways I’m glad you liked them”
Wemmy took off the clothes she was wearing in order to test the dress.
“Common go and change in the room, what if someone walks in”
“The door is locked, moreover we are not expecting any visitors” she replied smiling.
She changed into one of the gown and it looks beautiful on her
“I hope I won’t use my hand to cause problem for myself”
“How?” she asked
‘You are looking too sexy for a pregnant woman in this dress”
“And you don’t like it?”
“Of course I love it, but I doubt if guys won’t be running after you”
“So you have seen a guy chasing not only married but a pregnant woman before?”
‘Why is it that everything you wear always look good on you, even a maternity dress!”
“That reminds me my mum use to say good things always fit lazy people”
“But my own wife is not lazy and she deserved all the best things in life” he said playfully.
She tried the second gown and it was perfect too. She thanked him once again, sealing it with a kiss.
They watched movies together. Wemmy filled him on all the happening gists.
They were indoor throughout the weekend expect for Sunday morning when they attended Church service together.
The weekend was fun filled for the couple, they hardly leave each other’s side.
On Sunday evening, Wemmy’s mood changed. She knew by morning her husband will have to leave again.
“Baby cheer up, I know you are already thinking about tomorrow morning, I’ll be back again hun” he said and made her sit on his lap.
She rested her head on his.
“You can’t blame me, can you? It’s not easy staying here alone without you”
“I understand perfectly well, we have just two months left and you will have your husband all to yourself again”
“I can’t wait”
At night in their bedroom, he bathed her and they had a swelled time together that night.
He returned back to PH. The work is progressing and Segun was very impressed when he came over to inspect.
“Feranmi I must confessed, you are doing a great job here”
“Is that so, I’m happy I didn’t disappoint you”
“Infact I underestimated you, I think you should start considering going into construction line”
“You think so?”
“I’m positive”
He informed him that the owner of the property will come over anytime to see how far the work has gone.
Two weeks later, the owner of the property showed up but he was surprised at who he saw with him.

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