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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 23

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He got to Port Harcourt late in the evening, Segun already arranged where his going to stay for three month. It’s a one room self contain.
He called his wife when he settled down, they talk at length, he sensed she’s no more crying again.
That night Feranmi couldn’t sleep, he thought about his wife and his unborn child. He hoped they’ll be fine and soon get use to living separately especially Wemmy.
Feranmi resumed work the next day. He had a brief meeting with the workers which Segun has already put together before his arrival. He introduced himself and encouraged them to all work together as a team for the progress of the work before them.
He took one of the trusted workers recommended by Segun with him, together they went to the city to get the necessary materials.
They transported some themselves while they booked for some which the suppliers will deliver later.
Wemmy got a call from Thessy, she informed her she was engaged.
“Wow! Congratulations dear, I’m so happy for you, when did he proposed?”
“Last night, please don’t ask me the details, but it was wonderful.
“Do I have a choice? Anyway I’m pregnant, I’m sorry I should have called earlier to inform you”
“Wemmy! That’s great news, congrats to you and your hubby”
“Thank you”
“I’m the god mother right?
“Sure, any other god mother is a counterfeit”
“Thank you, I’m honored”
“That reminds me, Feranmi is in PH presently”
“From work?”
“Hmm, yes. It’s just three month assignment though”
“No wonder you don’t sound cheerful”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Yes na, so how are you coping, I know you are missing him already”
“Do I have a choice here, I’m trying to adjust”
“Please try not to miss him too much and take good care of yourself and the baby”
“I will thanks”
“I’ll try and contact him then”
“Ok, Bye sweetheart”
“I’ll keep in touch too, bye.
It was a hectic day for Feranmi. By 6pm they closed for the day, he ensured everywhere was locked up and he handed over the keys to the store keeper.
He needed to buy somethings for himself and one of the workers offered to help.
He took him to their market where he got a gas cylinder and some foodstuff, he doesn’t eat out, he preferred home made food.
He returned to his apartment and put a video call through to his wife. She looked and sounded better.
“How’s your first day at work” she asked
“Hectic, very hectic but I’m happy we’ve succeeded in putting some things in place, work starts fully tommorow”
“Eh ya, the Lord is your strength”
“How was your day too”
“Not bad, just trying to adjust to your not being around”
“Don’t worry you’ll adapt soon, have you eaten?”
“I just took beverage when I came back from work, I’m still thinking on what to eat. You know there are so many things I’ll have to adjust to, I’m already use to eating with you, eating without you is alien to me”
“It’s a matter of time, you will get use to it. So please try and eat something even if it’s little”
“I will, maybe after this call. Have you eaten too”
“No I haven’t, I just got some things on my way back, I’ll prepare something later. How’s my little one doing?”
“Your baby is fine, your baby too miss you”
“I’m sorry little one, Daddy miss you too”
Wemmy place are hand on her tummy and repeated what her husband told the baby.
“Daddy miss you too, do you hear that” she spoke to the baby”
“I’m glad you are both fine. Please eat on time and go to bed early”
“I have to cut some clothes before I go to bed”
“Wemimo I thought we agreed you won’t be doing this for now”
“You don’t need to worry, my doctor said it’s fine. It won’t affect me or the baby, it will make us stronger”
“Wemmy I insist”
“Please It’s just once in a while, I’m not even doing it for the money but to keep myself busy especially on weekends”
“Speaking of weekend, I suggest you invite mummy over or you go over there to visit”
“It’s not a bad idea, although both mum already promised to check on me”
“Wemmy just take things easy, you know you are all alone in the house”
“I will” she said smiling
“Thank God you are now smiling”
“Really, I should go now”
“OK, good night my precious jewel”
“Good night sweetheart, I love you”
“I love you too”
After the call, she felt more relieved after the whole conversation. She went to the kitchen happily and fixed herself dinner.

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