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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 22

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Wemimo came back from office and met her husband cooking.
“Sweetheart I told you to stop cooking for ‘me, I don’t like it. I’m still the wife here. I’ll let you know if I’m too tired to cook, it shouldn’t be a daily routine”
“Easy, is that the way to greet, I’m just trying to help here”
“Good evening”
“Welcome, how was your day?”
“My day was fine”
“How’s my little baby doing?” he said kissing her tummy.
“Your baby is doing great”
She set the table for them to eat. After dinner, Feranmi told her about Segun’s offer. She sighed heavily.
“Sweetheart PH is far, as much as I like the offer, the problem now is me, I’m four months gone how will I cope without you especially in this condition” she said pointing to her tummy.
“That’s why we are having this conversation, we need the money my love, a baby is on board already”
“I know …. Feranmi but I will miss you here” she said close to tears already.
“Of course, I will miss you too, we’ve never been apart since we got married. Let’s just say we are doing it for our baby”
“When are you leaving”
“I don’t know yet, I’ll have to call to confirm from Segun”
“Do I have your blessings” he asked
“Yes” she replied, now crying.
“Wemimo … please don’t cry, I won’t be able to go if you are like this”
“I won’t cry again” she said wiping the tears with the back of her palm.
“Come he said drawing her closer. Please be strong for us, I’ll be back in no time and I promise to always come on weekends to check on you”
“You don’t have to do that, it’s going to be too stressful. I’m Ok with once in a month. I don’t want you travelling up and down, not with this our bad roads”
“If it’s Ok by you, then I’ll make it once a month, but do not hesitate to call me if you need me to come over”
He called Segun the next day and told him he’s in. They made some necessary arrangements over the phone. He’ll be leaving for PH the following week.
Things were not going on well with the couple, Wemmy was all moody through out the week. She doesn’t eat well and she’s already going pale.
“Wemimo please try and eat little, you are loosing weight already and it’s not good for the baby. He said trying to feed her.
“I’m hungry, but have lost my appetite”
“I’m still here and you are like this, what will now happen when I leave”
“I will be fine, don’t worry about me”
“Baby if you don’t want me to go then I’ll stay”
“No no no don’t stay, I promise I’ll get better.
“Now open your mouth, the food is getting cold” he said while trying to feed her.
Wemmy was a bit better before her husband traveled. On Monday morning she saw him off to the park. Good bye was really the saddest word to say.
Everyone in the park noticed them as she held on to her husband and cried.
“I guess you are newly weds” An elderly man at the park said to him.
Feranmi greeted the man with a slight smile on his face.
“Don’t worry your husband will be back before you know it” he said smiling.
“Thank you sir” Feranmi said to the man.
Wemmy left the park immediately the luxurious bus took off. She drove out of the park and headed for work.

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