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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 20

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Wemmy noticed her husband was not in a good mood, she noticed he was absent minded despite the fact that they were seeing an interesting TV programme. He’s the cheerful type, so it was so obvious that something is eating him up.
“Feranmi …. where exactly are you, because it’s obvious your mind is not here?”
“We are rounding up on site this week, the project has been completed. The building will be commissioned next week”
“That should be a good news”
“It is, it’s just that the company has no other contract for now”
“So what happens next?”
“The site supervisor said we should pray we get another contract soon”
“What happens if there is no contract for now?”
“Everyone will be laid off, they only call the workers back when another contract shows up”
“Really! Pease take your mind off that, all will be well”
“Wemimo I need a potential job, all my efforts to get one proofs abortive”
“Let’s just continue to trust God, he will provide one, so please cheer up”
Wemmy made him see an interesting movie, just to divert his attention. It worked a bit.
Feranmi has been trying to wake his wife up for like 30 min now but to no avail.
“Wemmy! Get up it’s 6am already, you have to prepare for work or you’ll be late”
She got out of bed reluctantly, knelt beside the bed while Feranmi led them in prayer and she dozed off again while he was still praying. He had to wake her up when he finished praying without her participating in the devotion.
“Wemmy! prayer is over, go and take your bath, I’ll help with the house chores while you are at it” he said and left the bedroom.
Wemmy drag herself to the bathroom, she took her bath and return to the room. She laid on the bed again without dressing up and slept off again.
Feranmi came into the room surprised to meet her sleeping again.
“What in God’s name is going on here? Wemmy! He tapped her. Are you Ok” he asked, touching her forehead with the back of his palm to feel her temperature.
“I’m not feeling too well sweetheart, I’ll call in sick at the office”
“Then you should go to the hospital, I’ll drop you off”
“No need for that I’ll just get anti malaria in a nearby pharmacy”
“I’m not in support of self medication, let me take you to the hospital”
“Doctor Feranmi, it’s just malaria”
“You can’t be so sure, you wake up late this days and you are not that active which is just so unlike you”
“And what is that suppose to mean, doctor husband?”
“I don’t know if you noticed, but you are two weeks late”
Now her eyes were wide open, she jumped out of bed and rush to her phone to check the calendar and did some mental calculation.
“OMG you are right I’m two weeks late”
Wemmy never cared about her menstral cycle’s dates like some females do, her menstral cramp two days before her cycle begins is enough reminder.
“God I can’t be pregnant” she said to herself
“Baby! He called out, interrupting her thought. I know your fears but you don’t have to be scared, if that’s how God want it, then there’s nothing we can do about it”
“But I’m on contraceptives” she said
“We did not use protection on the night of your birthday, it was after that night that you started using contraceptives” he replied.
“That’s true, but I’m not vomiting”
“Wemmy! Symptoms differs, moreover we are not so sure maybe its just fever like you said. Let’s just go to the hospital to see a doctor”
“Won’t you go to work?”
“I’ll call to let them know I will be coming in late, moreover we don’t really have much to do on site”
They left for the hospital later in the morning. The doctor referred them to the hospital laboratory where she had a widal and pregnancy test.
To be Continued

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