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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 18

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Feranmi picked his wife at work, it was Wemmy’s birthday. They got home and he told her to shower and change into something nice.
“I’m taking you out” he said.
“You don’t have to do that, save your money, we can just celebrate it in the house”
“I’ve already made preparations and it’s a bit late to cancel, just go and dress up birthday girl” he teased leading her to their bedroom.
Some minutes later they left the house. They entered into an exquisite restaurant.
“This will be quite expensive you know” Wemmy observed.
“Have your sit and let me treat you like a queen that you are”
They placed their orders, its been long they ate out, thereby making it more special.
“Hope you enjoyed the meal” he asked
“Yes I did, thanks for giving me this nice treat”
“My pleasure, anything for my beautiful queen, Shall we?” he said and led her out of the restaurant into the car.
“There’s one more place I want to take you” he said
“Where?” she asked curiously
“You’ll see when we get there”
He parked in front of a fine building and opened the passenger’s door for her to alight.
“What is this place” She asked
“It’s a guest house, trust me you’ll like it”
They entered into the spacious room, tastefully furnished, making one feel at home, it has a bar, a stage where some band are playing. The room has just few people in it, people of class judging from their look and the cars parked in the compound. We settle down on one of the nice settee. The band ended the song some minutes later and a young man came out to cheer them up.
Then he introduced the next artist to perform.
Please put your hands together for the one and only O B O, I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Wow! Davido is here?” I asked my husband and he nodded.
Davido came on stage and the whole room cheered him up.
“Good evening everyone I’m glad to be among you tonight. I dedicate this song to a priceless jewel here, Wemimo Oluwaferanmi Adesanya”
“No, did he just mentioned my name?”
She was still in shock when her husband took her hand and walked her to the front stage, the people cheered them. Then the music starts …..
Aye …….Aye …….
She no want designer
“ “ “ Ferrari
She say na my love o
You belong to me and I belong to her o
O baby you go kill e somebody
They say love is blind but I dey see am for your eyes o ……..
She danced joyfully to the song with her husband, Wemmy was super excited.
Davido ended the song and came down from the stage, hugged her and her husband and wished her a happy birthday. The people in the guest house also sang a happy birthday song for her.
“If this is a dream, please I don’t want to wake up, this is just too sweet, I can’t believe Feranmi could go this far to celebrate my birthday. He knows I love this particular song”
They stayed for a while before they left for home.
“Sweetheart, thanks so much for today, I can’t thank you enough” She said while undressing in the bedroom. I will forever remember this birthday”
“You are welcome wifey”
“How did you arrange all that, please
pardon my curiosity, I mean how did you get Davido to perform for me live”
“Well, I told Segun about your birthday, that I wish I was financially buoyant to celebrate it with you, since it’s your first birthday after marriage and I wish I could make it special compare to the ones you’ve celebrated while you’re still single.
So he told me about the guest house which is own by his brother. He told me they invite famous artist on weekends, he promise me he’ll help me arrange an artist of my choice.
I told him how much you love davido’s song – Aye. He did the rest, I did not spend a dime on that, believe me”
“That was so nice of him, I will give him a call tomorrow to thank him. But I still thank you more for your concern about my birthday, if you did not mention it in Mr Adebayo’s presence he wouldn’t have pulled those strings.”
She joined him on the bed and started eulogizing him (Family Pedigree)
“Oluwaferanmi, oko mi
Olowo ori mi
Omo olalomi
Olalomi abisujoko
Omo woyira koma ba ra eru keru
Eru keru abi lala lenu
Omo kaka kada opo
Oni kaluku amu ti e lo kan kan
“You are bursting my brain” he said smiling, I think that’s a big thank you speech, but you never cease to amaze me, who taught you that?” he asked
“Mummy taught me, I mean your mum, although I ask her to teach me, I know I’ll need it one day”
“That’s thoughtful of you, I love you over and over again my unconditionally bae. I think we should sleep now”
“Not yet” she said and brought out her phone from her purse and played a track by Whitney Houston (RIP)
Your love is my love.
If tomorrow is judgment day
And I’m on the front line
And the Lord ask me what I did with my life
I will say I spent it with you ……
Your love is my love
My love is your love
It will take eternity to break us
And the chain of Amistad couldn’t hold us …..
While listening to the song, he drew her to him, his lips met hers and he kissed her passionately, she responded with so much love.
“I love you Wemimo, I will choose you over and over again”
The heat in the room was so much that they felt like exploding. He slowly moved his hands all over her body, in no time her nightie was already on the floor, leaving her unclad.
That night Wemmy let go of the burdens and pain in her heart and welcomed her husband.
She was broken before but her husband has fixed her, his true love fixed her. He made love to her and it was great. They were both sex starved and they did not stop until they get enough of each other.
That was their first time of having sex in five months of their marriage.
“Thank you” she said as he cleaned her up”
“Hmm, What a birthday! But I’m glad you found yourself again.”
“Once again I’m sorry for denying you your right ever since we got married.
I blamed myself for everything that happened to you, I felt like I was responsible for your present predicament, seeing you like this everyday makes me sad and ……”
“Shhh! You worth the wait my beautiful wife”
He kissed her on the lip to stop her from talking. He later carried her into the bathroom where they showered together, he carried her back to the bedroom and she slept peacefully in his arms. Thank God it’s Saturday, they did not wake up until 8am.
“Good morning sunshine” he said and kissed her forehead.
“Good morning my love” I replied still feeling sleepy.
The rest of the weekend was fun, they couldn’t get enough of each other, She was glowing and shining all through. Hmmmmmm
To be continued……….

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