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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 15

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The wedding was a success, with families and friends who graced the occasion. Richard was the best man, while Sophia was the chief bride’s maid, the siblings looked like couples.
Thessy insisted she won’t best Wemmy, she said she should be the one running around that day in order to make sure everything turns out well and not sitting behind the Bride doing nothing.
And she was right, she was every where fixing everything that needed to be fixed. She’s a selfless friend, many friends would kill to be the chief Bride’s maid but that does not bother her, her priority is the success of her friend’s wedding.
Trust Wemmy, she almost brought down Thessy’s head for that, it was after the wedding that she realized what Thessy did for her. She was really proud of her, she has just one close friend and she’s the best.
Feranmi was the happiest man on his wedding day, He married his friend, the love of his life and that’s the best thing that can ever happen to a man.
The thought of getting married without a job scared him to death, but anytime he looked into the eyes of his beautiful wife he found courage, strength, hope and love that bears it all.
After the reception, the bride’s parent came to bid them goodbye, Wemmy, her mum and siblings are all crying even her dad was a bit teary too, they will miss her.
They got home that night, they prayed and thanked God for the success of their wedding, He miraculously surprised them, gifts and money came from left, right and center, God got it all covered.
Feranmi has always dreamt of their first night together, he was about making out with her when he realized she’s not in the mood, they had a long day and he knew they both had a lot on their minds, so he let her be, they showered and slept.
Feranmi woke up around 4am, and was surprised to see her wife awake already.
“Baby why are you not sleeping” he asked.
“I woke up not quite long, there’s something I’d like us to discuss”
He sat up, “what is it?”
“I’m sorry I turned you down last night”
“I understand you are tired, you don’t need to apologize”
“I don’t want us to make baby for now, until we are financially stable”
“Wemimo is that the reason why you turned me down last night, that is not an issue, we can use protection for now, then we can go for family planning later, if that’s what you want”
“I don’t want to use protection” she said firmly”
“Meaning?” he asked
“Meaning we are not having sex until we are financially stable”
“Jesus Christ! I can’t believe we are having this conversation. Tell me you are joking, we dated for two years and I never pressured you for sex, you think it was easy? And now that we are now married you came up with this ridiculous idea?” he yelled.
“Sweetheart, try to understand ….
“Make me Wemimo, ma…ke me, there are many ways we can prevent pregnancy, not having sex is not an option. This is 21st century for crying out loud. Or is this my punishment for loosing my job, this is so unfair but you know what? Sooth yourself”
“I’m not punishing you”
“Then what in God’s name is going on here?”
“The truth is that I’m bittered, not at you but with myself and with the way life treated us, I know marriage do have it’s ups and downs but I never knew it will be this early. Feranmi I don’t want to sleep with you with the way I am right now, I’m broken please give me time to heal” she pleaded
“I’m sorry for yelling at you, I don’t want to fight with you”
“I don’t want to fight with you either, but I can’t do this right now, I’m not trying to be selfish here, but please do this for me. I know it’s hard”
“Baby, I know you are a strong woman, you encouraged and gave me hope and that is why we are here, the only problem here is that you believe you brought this upon us, but you are wrong. I’m sure your ex has forgiven you, I mean us, he’s doing well, he even got married before us but you refused to forgive yourself”
“Please all I need is time, I beg of you”
“Come” he said and she moved right into his arms.
“Take all the time you want my love, I’ll be right here when you come around, I’m always here” he said and kissed her forehead.
“Thank you for your understanding, I can see I married my own husband. I love you”
“I love you more”
Feranmi was not happy with this arrangement, but what choice does he have, he proposed in his heart never to allow that to cause a drift between them.
To be continued

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